Can We Deport American Prayer?

// August 28th, 2008

Please say a prayer for America.  There is an epidemic building whereby celebrities and musicians are creating cheesy songs as some sort of exercise in self-adulation to show their support for Barack Obama.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, that the preaching of the famous holier than thou set can only hurt Obama’s campaign to win the hearts and minds of America’s people.  Maybe they can go away for the next 2 months or so and come back when the election’s over?

I love Obama as much as the next guy, but seriously?  Is Dave Stewart even an American citizen?  Because if he’s not, we should deport him for this horribly cheesy song!!!

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Indiana Jones Sucks, Still Rakes In Box Office Money

// May 25th, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull pretty much sucked. Bad CGI, crazy unbelievable stunt scenes, weak dialogue, and an ending with UFOs. Needless to say it was pretty much a huge disappointment to the highly eager Thursday night crowd at the Arclight. The move was met with golf-clap applause at the end, which mostly seemed out of pity or fondness for the franchise than for the film itself. Spielberg and Lucas have given us some of the greatest films of our generation, but this certainly wasn’t one of them.

Despite all that, the hype machine and marketing were strong enough to propel the movie to over $150 million over the 5-day weekend (wtf?), which begs the question: If filmmakers and studios can keep putting out crap movies that gross many millions in their openings, what’s to keep them from continuing to put out these horrible tentpole pictures??? We’ll all complain about how bad this movie was, but we all paid to see it, and at the end of the day, that’s all Paramount really cared about…

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Amazon’s New mp3 Widget

// May 15th, 2008

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Making Money on the Internet… Or Not

// April 3rd, 2008

The South Park guys struck again with yet another brilliant episode last night called Canada On Strike. Drawing hilarious parallels to the recent WGA strike, the head of the World Canadian Bureau, Steven Abootman, leads the country into a long and painful strike over earning more theoretical money from the internet and the boys come through to broker a settlement so they don’t have to watch repeat episodes of Terrance & Phillip (they’re Canadian you know!). Here’s are some of my favorite scenes:

Meet The Internet Stars:

Shut Your F*%^’ing Mouth, Laughing Baby:

The Promise of Future Revenue:

BTW, major props to South Park & Comedy Central on South Park Studios (and on The Daily Show site as well). They’re damn good sites with great quality videos that meet the strong demand for their shows, which is why so many clips ended up on YouTube in the first place.

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Don’t Fuck With Jesus

// March 12th, 2008

Hulu went live today with a whole smorgasbord of content from TV shows, films, and digital content.

Here’s a taste with one of my favorite clips from the classic Coen Bros. film The Big Lebowski:

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Obama’s Celebrity Army

// March 4th, 2008 has followed up the star-studded Yes We Can with another song & video for Obama named We Are One:

The video features Jessica Alba, Ryan Phillippe, George Lopez, Kerry Washington, Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Theo!), John Leguizamo, Regina King, Tyrese, Eric Mabius, Macy Gray, Zoe Kravtiz, Tabu, Tichina Arnold, and Freddie Rodriguez among others.

It’s not too bad, but to be honest, I find these celebrity political endorsements to be somewhat annoying and patronizing. They mean well, they really do, but in the end, they might just ruin it all for Obama. I’m talking about the backlash against Hollywood when celebs start getting all preachy and holier-than-thou on the rest of us - especially when it comes to politics.

By and large, just about every celeb in this video has never been politically active nor vocal in the past. All of a sudden, here they are, basically telling us to vote for Obama without delving into any matters of substance whatsoever. Hey, it’s the new cool thing to do! Just like those Livestrong bracelets a few years ago & being green last year…

The fact that people who otherwise wouldn’t care much for politics feel so strongly about a candidate & getting involved is a testament to Obama’s strength as a leader & symbol for hope & change, but that doesn’t mean that more bandwagoning celebs, especially B-listers trying to stay relevant in the public eye, will help the cause. That remains to be seen, but Time seems to think that this year, things might be different:
Obama’s Celebrity Army

Maybe these guys should take a page out of George Clooney’s book:

“You know, my father ran for Congress two years ago. But…everything was categorized as Hollywood versus the heartland, and I actually hurt him, as he was running as a Democrat in Kentucky. I could do damage to Obama. So, I don’t necessarily know [that] saying I back him is helpful.”

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Obama’s Greatest Hits

// February 26th, 2008

For all of my readers out there, yes all 2 of you (are there even 2 people reading this???), I’m sorry for being delinquent in posting recently. I’m becoming a lazy southern Californian… I have emerged, however, to share with you this:

Obama’s great and all, but what’s really great are all these songs he has dedicated to him.

First we had Yes, We Can by & an all-star cast:

Pero para mi gente, los Amigos de Obama, here’s the new Obama reggaeton anthem:

Think it can’t get any better than that?
Well it can.
Mariachi style mutha uckers!!
Mariachi Aguilas de Mexico with Viva Obama!:

Si se puede!!!
Yes we can!!!

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Daaaaa G-Men Win!

// February 9th, 2008

18-1: New England Patriots

Super Bowl Champs: New York Giants!!!

Big Blue completed their amazing season of determination tonight by suffocating Tom Brady & New England’s offense to win a hard-fought, exciting Super Bowl 17-14.

As they say, offense can win games, but defense wins championships.

Eli’s career defining moment has finally arrived and despite all his shakiness & anxiety under pressure, he will forever be remembered for leading the Giants marching down the field with under 3:00 in the biggest game of the year & his career to beat the team that everyone thought was unbeatable.

Plaxico’s guarantee of a Giants’ 23-17 win, which Tom Brady shirked off by asking for some respect and at least a prediction of 45-42, held up. Turns out the Pats scored even less than the 17 points Plax gave those cocky bastards.

It was about time that a team from Boston/New England lost this past year. They’ve been winning too much. And it’s only fitting that a team from NY was the one to do it. This’ll shut some of those obnoxious fans up for a while ;)

I wish I was back home raging in the streets of NYC, but at least me & some of the east coast west coast crew got to watch & celebrate…

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Super Tuesday

// February 5th, 2008

Super Tuesday y’all!

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From My Blog To Yours…

// February 1st, 2008

courtesy of someone else’s wicked blog:
Form Fifty Five

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