Celebrities Are Just Like Me & You

// October 11th, 2007

A new friggin’ hilarious site called Planet Hiltron just came to my attention & has had me laughing all day long.

As VSL puts it:

The cult Website Planet Hiltron taps into the Schadenfreude of seeing the Beautiful Ones made homely, but without that pesky jolt of guilty human empathy. The site contains impeccably Photoshopped snaps of tabloid regulars doctored to look like more everyday (and generally older) folks: J-Lo and Mark Anthony line-dance in bad velour pants, while a balding Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner appear to be just another overweight, beer-guzzling couple. Paris Hilton, star of the site, becomes a nurse with 1980s bangs.

The funny thing is that some of these celebrities were rather regular-looking before they became famous & had stylists, trainers, hair & make-up people to make them look like the stars they are. I think this real photo of Paris Hilton proves that point (also why she’s not really hot):

Here’s 2 of my favorites:

Check at more at Planet Hiltron!

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The Internet Is Ruining English

// August 23rd, 2007


From today’s Cynopsis:

OMG! Linguists are beginning to fret that online lingo and IM shorthand are beginning to have an adverse effect on the language of Shakespeare and Milton, according to a page one story in The Wall Street Journal. While English has always been an extremely flexible language ? absorbing words from myriad cultures and languages ? online speak presents unique challenges. A lack of agreement on correct pronunciation is one issue.

Looks like the internet is now ruining English as we know it. What’s next?

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RIP Privacy?

// August 8th, 2007

With the popularity of Twitter, and the like, it’s no wonder that a lot of people here in the U.S. aren’t up in arms over our government’s infringement on our right to privacy. Most people are already giving away their privacy willingly!

Add the whole dimension of gossip blogs (which I love) & paparazzi everywhere via digital cameras & camera phones, and you have a society that not only is OK with invading celebrities’ privacy, but expects nothing less. And if people expect it for celebrities, then they have no qualms with it when their own privacy is invaded. In fact, with the popularity of reality shows like Big Brother (which I love too, especially in Brasil), it’s clear that there are plenty of people that WANT to have their privacy invaded.

Soon enough, when all cities become like London with their sketchy Big Brother surveillance cameras all over, you’ll never be able to walk around with any privacy. It seems, however, that not that many people really care. They’re too busy telling you exactly what they’re doing anyway, posting on Facebook that they’re “on the beach in Bali” or something - which is one of my all-time fave Facebook status updates. If you’re on the beach in Bali, WTF are you doing on your computer???

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No More Shrooming in Amsterdam?

// August 7th, 2007

If you were planning on going to Amsterdam & eating some magic mushrooms, you might soon be out of luck. Mushrooms have come under fire in Holland, where following the death of a 17 year old French girl who jumped off a building while tripping out, demands for a ban have grown. The girl apparently had history of psychiatric problems & as you might have heard, eating mushrooms can make you freak out in the wrong situation or if you’re psychologically predisposed… or British apparently:

A study published in January by Amsterdam’s health services said the city’s emergency services were summoned 148 times to deal with a negative reaction to mushrooms in 2004-2006. Of those, 134 were foreigners, with Britons forming the largest group.

Dutch government data suggest most mushrooms sold in smartshops are eaten by tourists. Since Caroff’s death, other dramatic stories involving foreigners have been reported in the Dutch press:

? A 22-year-old British tourist ran amok in a hotel, breaking his window and slicing his hand.

? A 19-year-old Icelandic tourist thought he was being chased and jumped from a balcony, breaking both his legs.

? A 29-year-old Danish tourist drove his car wildly through a campground, narrowly missing people sleeping in their tents.

Gotta love the Brits!!!

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The French Do It Better…

// July 9th, 2007

Even the news is better in France ;)

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