consumer nation

// November 7th, 2004

this is a country of consumers, and as long as its citizens do not think, do not question, do not doubt, then they will continue to be good consumers. nowhere is this more evident than in our churches. jesus is the ultimate american consumer product. after porn…..

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ain’t nuttin but a g thang

// November 7th, 2004

red states. blue states.

bloods. crips.


a nation divided.

a nationwide gang war.

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master & commander: on public servitude

// November 4th, 2004

public servitude. think about that for a second. the people are the master and a public servant is the commander. yet who rules over who? paging russell crowe, paging……..

and when 1/2 of the people are the master of one commander who proclaims that you are either with that 1/2 or against that 1/2, then who is your commander? and what are the other 1/2 of the people the master of?

taxation without representation.

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on ignorance and faith

// November 4th, 2004

faith -> ignorance -> fear (-> violence)

(violence ->) fear -> ignorance -> faith

i am not an atheist. i believe in a higher power, more like an energy much like the sun, as did people in the past like incas & zorastrians and some people in the present. and in the taoist sense, i believe it leads me on a path to some sort of enlightenment, a higher plane of being. it is not faith per se, it is a source of strength. strength and understanding of the way and the world. faith in and of itself does not suffice for it transcends the world as we know it. it is not based in reality but in blind hope. and thus with faith can come ignorance for what is real pales in comparison to what can be believed when faith is blind. the acceptance of reality in the face of faith can serve to shatter the beliefs underpinning that faith and as such, many people of faith must suspend disbelief so as to hold on to their core values and beliefs. enter ignorance as the shield to the real world.

when americans want to disengage diplomatically from the UN and the world community, yet engage in globalist free market trade, it is ignorance talking, the refusal to accept the reality you just can’t have it both ways. when americans rave about how well the war in iraq is progressing, it is ignorance talking, the refusal to accept the reality that you can’t occupy a country, destroy its infrastructure and then expect to be welcomed b/c you speak loudly of a political ideology. when americans are more afraid of gay people than they are of terrorists who are devoting their lives to killing americans, it is ignorance talking, the refusal to accept the reality that this country is great b/c of its diversity and freedom, precisely what it’s said the terrorists hate about us…… the list goes on & on…….

and why doth ignorance protest so much? because if knowledge and reason were employed, many people would have their faith shattered. they are afraid for they are fragile in mind and weak in spirit. they would have you believe otherwise and proclaim with great fanfare that they are beholden to the great strength and power of their faith and the god and his son who rule them, but they have been led astray from what their god’s son had taught them. shunned by his people and outcast by his society only to become the symbol of an organization of impropriety & hegemony that aspires to make outcasts out of all people of other denominations, jesus is rolling in his grave or in his heaven. every day another so-called christian supports war, violence, senseless killing, discrimination, lying, corruption & ignorance, christian faith dies a little bit more. turn the other cheek, eh?

sadly enough, in these times ignorance seems to be prevailing over reason while faith prevails over reality. and so the cycle spins:

faith begets ignorance & ignorance begets fear
fear begets ignorance & ignorance begets faith
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i used to love HER

// November 3rd, 2004

i used to love HER.

i loved her free will, her incredible spirit, her strength and her compassion, her open mind and her open valleys. her beauty was unmatched as was the liberty of which she sang.

i loved her since birth. i loved her through the trials and tribulations that life brings. i loved her even when she appeared to have no love for me. i loved her until it hurt. i loved her endlessly until i couldn’t love her anymore.

i loved her so deeply that she touched my soul and now i don’t even recognize her anymore. she has changed so much. i don’t know what happened to her. i don’t know how to bring her back.

i am dreaming of her as i knew her before. i am yearning for the past we shared together. i am overwhelmed with incredible sadness.

i used to love HER.

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people are the future

// November 2nd, 2004

we stand on the verge of history today, hoping that people are the future
and violence for money is the past, how much longer can we last with the fossils for our fuel and our future when people in the present resent the president and the precedent he’s set with faith riddled language of heaven sent destruction and foreign production whilst a reduction in deduction plagued mass media rendering obsolete the encyclopedia and the worlds of fact and reason in this world there are people committing treason with flags on their lapels telling the people of the future that they’re all going to hell when smoking clouds and mushrooms visit our crowds and doom visits our country on drugs we the people have to check the power into rehab and take the power back from the horrors of blue pills and the aging white men that are protesting the good will of the people of the future as they are stuck in the past a timewarp they hope can last four more years enduring a thousand more tears of mothers for our brothers in arms left in a desert in harm’s way while they still say they do the right thing so we the people of the future will do right women do right men take the power back from the judges’ mallet with the people’s ballot…

people who live in greater fear.
people who die for this here.
people get the fuck up and do your part.
people it’s time to give us all a new start.

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