// February 14th, 2005

i don’t celebrate valentine’s day really, i did once or twice & might i add, i did in major style makin’ the ladies melt, but to me if i’m gonna celebrate a ho-liday other than my bday, i’m celebratin’ the players ball kid!

so learn from a playa & all you couples out there & all you singles just lookin’ for love in all the wrong places, don’t forget your hats @ home & don’t get any VDs on VDay!!!

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on cycling…

// December 24th, 2004

from a discussion on gothamist

i’m the bicyclist referred to in the AIM conversation above & i find it quite amusing that not one of the comments after my friend’s post even deals with what my conversation with councilwoman provenzano was - that licensing
in & of itself does not recoup health care costs, injury damages, etc. INSURANCE does! remember, councilwoman provenzano has proposed this bill to give pedestrians a recourse of action against bicyclists who put them in danger, thereby providing them with more safety. so, when people like Captain Obvious say that licensing bicyles will do exactly what it does for cars, he is omitting a major fundamental part of car registration - INSURANCE.

i was hit head on by a taxi last year & luckily, i didn’t die (as evidenced by some of the comments here, some probably wish i did). it was the cabbie’s fault for jumping a red light & then speeding through it, but the police weren’t there to see it, so they couldn’t ticket him. all they could do was take his version of the story, his license number & insurance information while i lay bloody & bruised on the street. i had in my possession the cabbie’s name, license & insurance information, but guess what? it took me over 7 months to get them to pay for my damages. why? b/c a little known fact in this city is that cab companies employ some of the shadiest insurance companies around. i mean companies that don’t use voicemail so you can’t get in touch with them & a host of other things. they fought tooth & nail against me for a mere $500 until i had a lawyer call them & tell them they were being referred to the state insurance department. they paid within a week. so much for having a license number.

just yesterday, i was following all rules of traffic whilst biking to work (yes, bicyclists have jobs too, we’re not all “activist hippies”). all traffic was stopped due to a red light. as i passed through b/w parked cars & stopped cars in traffic, a passenger of a cab without looking opens his door & i was unable to stop before getting doored by him (until yesterday, my reflexes have prevented me from getting doored). i now have a fractured pinky finger & injured knee & the guy who did this to me just walked away.

so forgive me 55 if i’m whining, but i don’t find it amusing when you say “choke on the fumes and watch out for that door.” as evidenced by your post, you’re no better than all the rude bicyclists you write about. i am not here to say that bicyclists don’t violate traffic rules. in fact, a lot of them anger me when they bike in the wrong direction, bike on sidewalks & put pedestrians in danger. i also get pissed off when pedestrians fill crosswalks when the lights are still green for traffic & when people in cars don’t check for bikers when they open their doors into bike lanes & on narrow streets. so it’s all relative. it’s not all cyclists & cabbies who are violating traffic laws & it’s not all pedestrians who are jaywalking. as KeithS explained, it’s an over-reaching, factually-unsubstantiated comment. perhaps you mean messengers or delivery people, but to say matter of factly that NY bicyclists are the rudest in the world, etc. is just plain ignorant. guess what, everyone else says that NYers are the rudest people on earth too!!!

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