I’m a Music Snob

// July 9th, 2007

When it comes to music, I’ve always been a bit of a snob. I’m a musician after all - it’s in my blood.

My favorite Bob Marley song isn’t No Woman, No Cry or Get Up, Stand Up. As great as they are, I’m a music snob, so my favorite Bob Marley song is one that you might not have heard before - Natural Mystic…and if you’ve heard it, then I need to come up with a new favorite song.

In order to be a proper music snob, you’ve always got to dig deeper & look below the surface to always one-up everyone else. Your favorite songs always have to be some B-side, oft-looked-over album track, or some rare unreleased demo from before an artist’s first studio album.

A proper music snob also has to be ahead of the trends, a trendsetter actually, constantly discovering new artists months or even years before they hit it big on MySpace or whatever. Then when those bands get big, it’s time to move on, because it’s not that cool to be into what other people are into, especially if they found out about it after you did. Poseurs!!!

It’s ironic because if you love an artist’s music so much, you should want success for them, as well as want other people to love it like you do, but at the same time, their success means you’re not so special anymore. Or maybe just hearing a song you used to love a million times everywhere you go just kind of ruins the whole feeling for you. But if you love the song so much…..

Anyway, since I’m so cool, over my years, I like totally have discovered so many bands that I’m totally going to wear this T-shirt.

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Live Earth

// July 8th, 2007

I got to watch some of the Live Earth concerts today on the ‘ole tele & some of it was pretty cool actually. It was a bit funny having a song like Fergie’s Glamorous playing for Ludacris to rap over, especially since the video about Fergie’s glamorous life includes flying around in a private jet sipping on bubbly. Most of the acts probably got to where they were performing via private jet, and there’s all the lighting, and waste generated by these big concerts, but I digress.

The performances were pretty tight and the short video spots about how to conserve energy and waste and reduce carbon emissions in your daily life were insightful and well produced. For instance, did you know that you can save energy by just unplugging your cellphone charger when it’s not actually charging your phone? I didn’t! So bravo for that.

My 3 favorite performances that I caught today were Nunatak, a band of scientists from the British Antarctic Survey that rocked out for the penguins, Yusuf aka Cat Stevens singing Peace Train, and the return of Spinal Tap playing Stonehenge!



Spinal Tap

Of course, a concert for a cause like this or Live 8, will be wracked in irony due to the wasteful, materialistic life many popstars, rockstars & celebs live, but leave it to the corporate sponsors to strike up the ultimate irony. I originally tried to watch Live Earth over the internet over at MSN, but the stream was super slow. Although I couldn’t see any of the show, I could see the Chevy ads all over the page, declaring that we don’t need gas for fuel. That was hilarious ;)
Ultimately, though, there are 2 things that I can’t get out of my head:

1) To really put the fear of god into people about doing something about climate control, global warming, and our turning the earth into an uninhabitable place for us and many animals, we should strongly frame this cause as being about saving us, the human race, not the earth. This is because…

2) The earth doesn’t need our help. We need the earth’s help. The earth & mother nature are magnitudes more powerful than we humans are. It was here before us & it will be here after us. It is human folly for us to believe that we are somehow the guardians of the earth. Countless movies and stories portray us this way, but the reality is that the earth is our guardian, providing us with life & an inhabitable environment, and the earth is adaptable, and has adapted over its history. The dinosaurs were made extinct by the earth and she’s now warning us that she’s thinking about swallowing us whole for defiling her beautiful body.

The Bible states that “God created man in his own image.” I’m not a Christian, so it’s easy for me to have a problem with that belief. That’s primarily because it’s basically telling us that god is a man. He probably has a long white beard & lives in the heavens, but the difference is, he’s some supreme, omniscient dude. Let’s just say that is the case anyway. Well, then this dude is pretty pissed at us right now & is raising some hell all around us & giving us warning signs & we’re just a little too busy sitting in the AC to look up from our TVs or Blackberrys or messing around with our new iPhones to do anything about it…

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