Obama’s Greatest Hits

// February 26th, 2008

For all of my readers out there, yes all 2 of you (are there even 2 people reading this???), I’m sorry for being delinquent in posting recently. I’m becoming a lazy southern Californian… I have emerged, however, to share with you this:

Obama’s great and all, but what’s really great are all these songs he has dedicated to him.

First we had Yes, We Can by will.i.am & an all-star cast:

Pero para mi gente, los Amigos de Obama, here’s the new Obama reggaeton anthem:

Think it can’t get any better than that?
Well it can.
Mariachi style mutha uckers!!
Mariachi Aguilas de Mexico with Viva Obama!:

Si se puede!!!
Yes we can!!!

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