Obama’s Celebrity Army

// March 4th, 2008

will.i.am has followed up the star-studded Yes We Can with another song & video for Obama named We Are One:

The video features Jessica Alba, Ryan Phillippe, George Lopez, Kerry Washington, Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Theo!), John Leguizamo, Regina King, Tyrese, Eric Mabius, Macy Gray, Zoe Kravtiz, Tabu, Tichina Arnold, and Freddie Rodriguez among others.

It’s not too bad, but to be honest, I find these celebrity political endorsements to be somewhat annoying and patronizing. They mean well, they really do, but in the end, they might just ruin it all for Obama. I’m talking about the backlash against Hollywood when celebs start getting all preachy and holier-than-thou on the rest of us - especially when it comes to politics.

By and large, just about every celeb in this video has never been politically active nor vocal in the past. All of a sudden, here they are, basically telling us to vote for Obama without delving into any matters of substance whatsoever. Hey, it’s the new cool thing to do! Just like those Livestrong bracelets a few years ago & being green last year…

The fact that people who otherwise wouldn’t care much for politics feel so strongly about a candidate & getting involved is a testament to Obama’s strength as a leader & symbol for hope & change, but that doesn’t mean that more bandwagoning celebs, especially B-listers trying to stay relevant in the public eye, will help the cause. That remains to be seen, but Time seems to think that this year, things might be different:
Obama’s Celebrity Army

Maybe these guys should take a page out of George Clooney’s book:

“You know, my father ran for Congress two years ago. But…everything was categorized as Hollywood versus the heartland, and I actually hurt him, as he was running as a Democrat in Kentucky. I could do damage to Obama. So, I don’t necessarily know [that] saying I back him is helpful.”

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