Making Money on the Internet… Or Not

// April 3rd, 2008

The South Park guys struck again with yet another brilliant episode last night called Canada On Strike. Drawing hilarious parallels to the recent WGA strike, the head of the World Canadian Bureau, Steven Abootman, leads the country into a long and painful strike over earning more theoretical money from the internet and the boys come through to broker a settlement so they don’t have to watch repeat episodes of Terrance & Phillip (they’re Canadian you know!). Here’s are some of my favorite scenes:

Meet The Internet Stars:

Shut Your F*%^’ing Mouth, Laughing Baby:

The Promise of Future Revenue:

BTW, major props to South Park & Comedy Central on South Park Studios (and on The Daily Show site as well). They’re damn good sites with great quality videos that meet the strong demand for their shows, which is why so many clips ended up on YouTube in the first place.

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