Bootlegging Transformers on Your Cellphone???

// July 11th, 2007

From today’s Variety:
Five Transformers Pirates Arrested

“The first arrest was made in the Bronx with the defendant being the first to be charged under an amended law that increases penalties for illegal camcording with the defendant facing up to six months imprisonment, fines up to $5,000 and a civil penalty up to $5,000.

The other arrests involved camcording using a camera/video phone in El Centro, Calif.; a cell phone in Addison, Ill.; a camera in Orlando, Fla.; and a camera in Lawrenceville, Ga.”

I understand the MPAA & movie studios battling movie piracy & protecting the copyright of their content, but they’re now arresting people recording CLIPS of movies on their cellphones? Seriously???

First of all, have you ever seen a bootlegged movie from a camcorder in a theater? It’s horrible. The picture is shite, the sound is hardly audible, and you’ve got people’s heads blocking the screen. They hardly substitute for seeing a movie in the theater, on DVD, or on cable.

So imagine what a bootlegged movie from my cellphone would be like… not like any video cellphone on the market today could even record an entire movie, but I guess that’s besides the point. Would anyone even want to see that? Could it even be sold? If not, then does it even amount to piracy???

Just to give you an idea, here’s a video of me biking in Central Park this past weekend from my mobile phone:

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