Brasil Campeao da Copa America!

// July 15th, 2007

3 years ago, Brasil & l’Argentina squared off in the Copa America final in Peru with el Selec?o edging out los albicelestes 4-2 in a penalty shootout.

I vividly remember that Sunday afternoon, watching the match on the projector & downing pitchers of sangria at Le Souk. I ended up spending about 8 hours there partying the afternoon & night away….

Well, this year, in Venezuela, Brasil came out on top yet again, but in less dramatic fashion, as was my celebration. I’m older & wiser, y’all ;)

In the 3rd minute, Brasil got off to a fast start w/ Julio Baptista scoring a beautiful goal on a long pass from Elano. That was followed up in the 42nd minute by an own goal by Ayala trying to slide & kick away Daniel Alves‘ cross to Robinho or Vagner Love (the coolest name of any footballer in the tournament!). Alves then got his chance on a beautiful pass to the right from Robinho, leaving Abondonzieri helpless from the low drive across to the far post. Argentina tried to at least put one gol on the board, but was stifled every step of the way.

Argentina was not without its chances. Juan Rrrrroman Riquelme, who was in top form during the tournament, as well as in leading Boca Juniors through the Copa Libertadores, blasted a shot at the left goal post in the 8th minute, which was oh so close. Later in the 33rd minute, he fired another close shot, which was saved by a diving Doni. Just about all of his free kicks were headed out of the box in the match. Brazil’s defense was all over Messi, Tevez & Riquelme. They buckled down in the middle & stifled Argentina’s chances on free kicks & passing inside.

Argentina, who entered this tournament with most of their stars - Riquelme, Messi, Tevez, Crespo, Veron, Mascherano, Cambiasso, Heinze, and Aimar - were the favorites throughout the Copa, handily beating every team they faced until the final. They just didn’t show up in force & were outclassed by the Brasilians, who stepped up their game in a major way after a somewhat disappointing showing - which still ended up putting them in the final no less. Without the help of Ronaldinho, Kaka, or Adriano, Brasil, led by Robinho, showed why they’re still the best in Sudamerica.

Viva Brasil, campe?o da Copa America 2007!!!

Viva el jogo bonito!!!

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  1. On July 18th, 2007 Adam said:

    Hey Sam,

    Just wanted to reassure you that someone has read this, even if that person?s most intimate encounters with futbol came from reading Irvine Welsh novels and 95% of this post was completely lost on him. I am more of a football aficionado, but in the offseason, I am happy to read about anything that remotely resembles it, even when the stories are about Michael Vick literally hanging a dog (incidentally, I have a few ideas for an Old Yeller sequel).

    Anyway, good to see you hit the nouriblog with the defibrillator and got it breathing again. Hope all?s well with you!