1918 is no more

// October 28th, 2004

the curse of the bambino is over…..

1918 is no more, so when does da bo$$ become pedro’s daddy???

congrats to the bosox & all their fans though really, we’re glad to have rolled over & handed you the series to pave the way for your historic win, enjoy it b/c your next trophy ain’t coming for 86 more years!

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  1. On October 28th, 2004 jcnarcy said:

    Nice bloggin !

  2. On November 5th, 2004 mojones said:

    the yankees lose to the bosox in the worst playoff collapse in baseball history.

    john kerry loses to george bush in the most negative election campaign in american history despite record voter turnout.

    2004 is officially the worst year ever!!!