No More Shrooming in Amsterdam?

// August 7th, 2007

If you were planning on going to Amsterdam & eating some magic mushrooms, you might soon be out of luck. Mushrooms have come under fire in Holland, where following the death of a 17 year old French girl who jumped off a building while tripping out, demands for a ban have grown. The girl apparently had history of psychiatric problems & as you might have heard, eating mushrooms can make you freak out in the wrong situation or if you’re psychologically predisposed… or British apparently:

A study published in January by Amsterdam’s health services said the city’s emergency services were summoned 148 times to deal with a negative reaction to mushrooms in 2004-2006. Of those, 134 were foreigners, with Britons forming the largest group.

Dutch government data suggest most mushrooms sold in smartshops are eaten by tourists. Since Caroff’s death, other dramatic stories involving foreigners have been reported in the Dutch press:

? A 22-year-old British tourist ran amok in a hotel, breaking his window and slicing his hand.

? A 19-year-old Icelandic tourist thought he was being chased and jumped from a balcony, breaking both his legs.

? A 29-year-old Danish tourist drove his car wildly through a campground, narrowly missing people sleeping in their tents.

Gotta love the Brits!!!

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