HR & HGH King

// August 8th, 2007


Barry Lamar Bonds (they keep saying his name like that right now on Sportscenter) finally broke Hammerin’ Hank Aaron’s career HR record of 755 tonight out in SF by belting his 756th HR deep into right-center field.

A lot of these deep home run balls that Barry has hit in the past 6 years or so of his career might have been doubles instead of HRs if he wasn’t juiced up on the clear aka THG or the cream or HGH or using that special elbow armor like Michael Witte, a baseball mechanics consultant says. Yet even if he is a roidhead or HGHead or whatever, Barry is ridiculous. As in ridiculously good. The fact remains that dude can still hit, and at that, better than just about anyone else out there. Even if his head has actually grown in its size over the years, he still inspires awe when you watch a reel of him clobbering the ball like this:

He might have been cheating, but yet they hardly said a word when Mark McGwire or Sammy Sosa both broke Roger Maris‘ single season HR record that crazy year in 1998. People love seeing HRs, fans were coming out to games, so it was good for the game overall as a business. The integrity of the game, well that’s an entirely different thing. Either way, as king of the steroid era, the HGH king Barry Bonds is now the all-time HR king too.

Or is he? As one Japanese reporter at the post-game press conference mentioned, Sadaharu Oh’s 868 career HRs is the real career HR record.

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