RIP John From Cincinnati

// August 14th, 2007

HBO’s John From Cincinnati had its season finale on Sunday night & forever, as it was just announced that the show won’t be returning for another season.

I watched every episode of the show, which was created, written, and produced by David Milch. Since Milch created & wrote the great Deadwood, which featured one of my all-time favorite characters, Al Swearengen, played masterfully by that motherfucking cocksucker Ian McShane, I figured I’d add his new show to my must-see DVR list.

It’s shame it didn’t last beyond 10 episodes. I liked this show. I wanted to like this show even more b/c of its quirky characters & surfing sub-theme. It was just too weird I guess & too difficult to follow. The season finale didn’t help any, making things a bit confusing, but at least resolving the family crisis that has been affecting the surfing Yost clan. All thanks to John from “Cincinnati.” John seems to be some sort of angel, helping these residents of IB aka Imperial Beach, a small surf-town south of San Diego by the Mexico border, find some sort of spiritual redemption. They might have gotten closer, but we the audience just couldn’t get close enough to the characters to see it through…

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