Americans Use Their Phones For Talking

// August 23rd, 2007

According to AdAge, a new study by advertising agency Universal McCann found that Americans use their mobile phones mostly for making phone calls. More than most of the world!

No shit. Really?

The study, conducted in June, covered 10,000 internet-connected mobile-phone users in 21 countries. It found 65% of mobile-phone usage in the U.S. is made up of phone calls, one of the highest percentages in the world. Internet usage on mobile phones in the U.S. is above the global average — the average U.S. user makes 12 visits a month — but still lags behind the leading market, Japan, where users go online an average of 40 times a month, the study found.

Americans are increasingly using multimedia services on their phones, but at lower-than-average rates. The study found 52% of Americans have taken a photo on their phone vs. 80% globally, 22% have recorded a video vs. 62% globally, and 24% have downloaded a game vs. 31% globally.

The article mentions that we use more mobile devices i.e. laptops, mp3 players, digital cameras, here in the U.S.A. than abroad, where the phone is the primary mobile device people use & carry.

If you’ve ever been to Europe or Asia, you know all about how prevalent mobile phones are there & how people often use them for texting & paying for subways & all sorts of other things in addition to talking. Of course, they have smaller countries with better networks to support all that…