Public Domain Movies & Stock Video Sites

// September 3rd, 2007

Not all movies or video you download have to be purchased or illegally downloaded. There is a great wealth of content available to the public domain.

Here’s a great list of public domain movies & stock videos sites:

* EMOL’s Free Movie CatalogFree Movie List

* Public Domain Torrents

* Stage6’s Public Domain Videos

* Public Domain Comedy Video

* The National Archives (NARA) on Google Video

* Wikimedia Commons Video

* Internet Archive’s Moving Image Archive

* OpenFLV’s Public Domain Videos

* Free Public Domain Movies

* ITN Stock Videos

* Free Stock Footage

* InoVartis Flash Stock Video

* Artbeats’ Royalty Free Stock Footage

* Nature Footage Stock Videos

* BBC Stock Videos

* WGBH Stock Videos

* Getty Images Stock Video

* Always HD High-Def Stock Videos

* National Geographic Stock Footage

* iStockPhoto Stock Video

* ThoughtEquity Stock Video Footage

* Corbis Stock Video

* Severe Weather Stock Video

* Royalty Free HD Stock Videos

* Footage Firm Royalty Free Stock Videos

* Animal Behavior Archive Stock Video Catalogue