Daaaaa G-Men Win!

// February 9th, 2008

18-1: New England Patriots

Super Bowl Champs: New York Giants!!!

Big Blue completed their amazing season of determination tonight by suffocating Tom Brady & New England’s offense to win a hard-fought, exciting Super Bowl 17-14.

As they say, offense can win games, but defense wins championships.

Eli’s career defining moment has finally arrived and despite all his shakiness & anxiety under pressure, he will forever be remembered for leading the Giants marching down the field with under 3:00 in the biggest game of the year & his career to beat the team that everyone thought was unbeatable.

Plaxico’s guarantee of a Giants’ 23-17 win, which Tom Brady shirked off by asking for some respect and at least a prediction of 45-42, held up. Turns out the Pats scored even less than the 17 points Plax gave those cocky bastards.

It was about time that a team from Boston/New England lost this past year. They’ve been winning too much. And it’s only fitting that a team from NY was the one to do it. This’ll shut some of those obnoxious fans up for a while ;)

I wish I was back home raging in the streets of NYC, but at least me & some of the east coast west coast crew got to watch & celebrate…

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