...the satanic verses...
...anthologie complet...

I am almost 25 years old,
to the questioning of my existence,
I practiced resistance,
and was all about persistence
while I dreamed of my future
and forgot about my past,
I knew that it would not last,
I wasted my time on rhyme,
rhythms, drink and fantasy,
living on an island
that was no man’s paradise
I only achieved that which would suffice
to cook myself Persian stew and rice
I have lived out my present
so I could live omnipresent,
I work for no reason
other than to pay
for the changing of the seasons,
rhyming is not mandatory,
but it has always been my story
like a 2000 year old epic
read by an urban eclectic
as things got more hectic,
I got more stressed,
Thinking of relocating to my previous address…..

First I said I wanted to be a mechanic at about 7 years old,
Then I moved on to astronaut like all other boys who were bold,
By and large, I got older and realized that doctor was my path,
Until I went to university and I felt biochemistry’s wrath,
Confused and lost, I chose banker without any real knowledge,
Only to chose philosopher, musician, poet and cook all by the end of college,
Upon graduation, I took to unemployment and vacation,
Until one day U.S. Customs punished me for recreation,
Ashamed and arrested, I took to a vocation
Thinking myself an artist, the downtown museum became my location,
Uninspired and tired, I made my move towards consultant,
Only one year later, an internet entrepreneur was resultant,
Now I stand after the crash with little savings and much debt,
Prepared to return to the corporate lifestyle I tried to forget,
One day the goal which I have set shall be reached,
I shall become a great man and a lover, and my past will be beseeched.

Lived a life of separation
Struggled to find some sort of reparation
For this life I guessed there was no preparation
Another day, another time, these iterations

Wrought of the will
Forgotten was mine heart
The lights went out
All became dark
My shadows appeared
And my spirit chased them
I sat in the corner on the bed
Rested my ever weary head
Tried to force myself to dream
Compelled to sleep
But only for the morning
Other people had me contracted
Indifferently I reacted
It was business as usual
Always trying to be unusual
I wonder why
Oh why
Do the gentlemen kneel
And I no longer feel
It was all isolated from me
Most likely by my own doing
I chose to walk the land
To listen and let it come
The waves they passed through me
I invited many more through the door
But the wolves did not visit often
There seemed to be conflicting values
One in the same
It appeared to me to all be a game
I played without much care
The streets as my monopoly board
Got sent to jail
Time another time
Bailed out and undeterred
Freedom I had without love
It didn’t really matter
It was all chitter chatter
I came not to believe
In anything
Only to receive
I wished to shed
My thoughts
Cease to be a thinker
Hook line and sinker
I tossed into heaven’s ocean
And came up empty handed once again
There was no solace
As far as my eyes could see
The summer’s haze had filled the city sky
And I alone wondered why
Oh why
Didn’t the pedestrians cry
When a brother was in need
Traversing the streets with speed
Like the cigarettes
That scarred my throat
Into those deep bass voices
I suffered from freedom of choices
And the imprisonment of the heart
Fastidiously did I choose to part
With all that may have received me in kind
I must have been out of my mind
But so goes the ways
Of an immortal stranger…..

To be continued
I would like to
The feeling comes right
On certain late nights
I fight against
The demons
That lurk
They go berserk
As I am fully capable
To begin the epic urban fables
Don’t buy crack if you ever have to
And don’t get caught with cops after you
Don’t ever take what somebody tells you to be true……
Stare into the eyees of a walker
Come off looking like a stalker
Concrete pounds
With industrial sounds
And the clock on the church
Hasn’t been adjusted
It’s been 6:30 for way too long
Khalil Gibran once sang his song
In that antiquated corner
Benches home to the homeless
Flags raised high
As the cars roll by…………………

Who What When Where Why?
what is with whining wishful words weary with worship of women water wavering wet washed in we why wow well weight weighs weightless when the way weaves wide wits west awry from the rest wise her eyes aware where the world was wonderful this wanderer+ woke me while waiting for the weekend woe is me without a wife a wink a whisper whither winter warm weather whenever I walk whistling wearing white witness to wilting wildflowers wayward wading through weber’s werk wishing you weren’t wasting away in the way……who would want what was worth when’s wonder???

Everyday is My Birthday
everyday is my birthday,
not just this day,
they call it Thursday,
the fifth day
of the seventh day
weeks and thirty days
fifty two
and three hundred sixty five
times twenty two
one thousand forty four weeks
and eight thousand thirty days
and still it never gets old,
although it is getting older,
with every beat and every breath,
yet this congested corpse
I would never trade
For coins and bills,
For even love?

Everyday is my birthday,
When I walk the proud land under the sun
When I drape myself in clouds of rain
When I rest my weary head on the soul of a rock
Of which I will make a stone
To keep with me all days
In my pocket
To remind me of the pillow upon which
I once lay cold and rough
Beautifully tragic when I smashed it to the core
To prove that I exist in my dreams and fantasies
Relived like déjà vu
Tous les jours
I awake another time
And put myself to sleep
Listening to soothing amber
Not knowing if I will awake again
Everyday is my birthday
When I experience
A more subtle birth into the world
Eight thousand times over
Opening my eyes
And crying
And screaming
At this new reality
Put me back in
Put me back to sleep,
… .on second thought
release me to the world
lease me to the people
everyday now and everyday then
I call them all days of my birth
Of the reincarnated dream in the flesh,
Everyday is my birthday.

Strolling for God
A man strolls lonely roads
With nothing but fire in his pocket
And a book of dreams in his hand…
In search of a god once renounced
For the agony caused by her presence
Regret fills his goblet
Tarnished by the realization
Of the self
Of the eye
Whose eyes are bombarded by
The visions of fantastic emptiness
Whose hands pass through
Solid invisible forms
Which his mind clutches
With an unrelenting passion
For knowledge and experience
With the hope that he will
Know himself,
The world,
And the goddess that binds them all
From within her fiery heart,
A most loving and serene center
Of his universe
The rhythm of its beat which he struggles
To fall into endlessly.

My Head Askew
My head askew
To feel the moon’s glow
Melting full into dew
In the valley so low.

My head askew
To hear sprinkling sounds
Melting full into blue
Of the midnight sky abound.

My head askew
To be soothed by glistening flowers
Left empty by two
Crests of falcon power.

My head askew
To ask the stars above
Left empty but true
Shivering without love.

Right Aid
Everyday do I see
The woman of which I dream
Exchange a glance
And share an instant
Of a thought
With the character which
Prevails for the moment
Within me
Until my conscience
In all its reality
Calmly accepts
The parting of ways
Between my camera
Et le visage du jour
In an ongoing
Series of twenty one some odd years
That adds up to
One day
A thousand faces
That add up to
One pair of eyes.

Black Paradoxical Hole
Paradoxes bombard from all angles
constituting the universe
of your
is bad for your health
at least that’s what they’ll tell you

Blue is green
Which is yellow
Which is orange
Which is red,
So blue is red
In the head
Although it’s not believed
Nor perceived
As such
There’s just so much
Influx at the crux
Of the matter
While in simultaneous terms
There’s really not
Complex tao cannot be bought
Since it doesn’t exist
But it will persist
In being the way
That makes for every day
Every week
Every month
Every hour,
Every second
When reckoned
Is reduced to emptiness
And the deepest of depths

Here’s to your health
Which is continually declining
As you are slowly dying
Alone in your home
Paradox wins again
Every now and then
Making the saintliest the sinner
The loser the winner
Watch the light shimmer
And disappear
Never fear
The bravest, yet most timid
Is no longer frigid
And will rectify the situation
By creating complication
And chaos
So peaceful and serene
As if from a euphoric dream
Hear the screams
Of joy
As the boy
Climbs to the lowest apex
In this evermore complex
Simple sex
Enslaves the passions
Establishes the fashion
Of right wing gay bashin
Pride and power
In the pockets of money
Made empty and funny
Never been so serious
Yet concise
This paradox feels nice
Believe it will suffice
To please
To tease
The yellow black bees
Who sting so sweet
To the drumbeat
Flower petals then dance
Pollen and
Is about love
But when push comes to shove
Pull out the shovel
And dig yourself a black hole
To cover up your open soul.

Vanguard Jingoism
Hangin’ on the staircase
By the men’s restroom
Tobacco and all
Watch Monk spin and fall
Toilet goes flush
To this thing
Heard are the voices
Of Trane and Mingus
Various others call
To you…
To me….
In the still of the night,
The moon shines through a sea of clouds
Rhythm moves constantly
A higher level of emotion, understanding, dig?
Sensations overwhelming
Euphoria imminent
An entrancing mass of clouds
Hovers above
Beyond it lies
The moonlight of reality
Through the darkness
I still have sight
Lightning strikes
A honking saxophonic flurry
Becomes a discourse
In life
Will I ever make it here?
Hall of legends
Divinity surpasses me
I shall remain a spectator,
For now at least!

The Devil and the Good Lord
Tired of convulsions and the same old, same old,
Begins the hot urban journey of a heart so cold,
Spinning through the depths of faces, words and sounds,
Due dizziness forces a fixed gaze at the ground,
Slavishly indifferent, an infinite plane of concrete,
Hideous and soiled, a beloved village street,
Becomes an underground temple of velvet red,
As visions of sweet music dance about the head,
Jazz, smoke, drink, the comfortable friends,
It had to have been sin in the end.

Eulogy for John Coltrane
On this day was he given birth
An abundant day, not of dearth
For a savior had descended upon the land
A holy spirit of music embodied by man
With every breath of his song flute,
Not another soul can dispute,
His worthy deservance of the most glorious prize,
His illuminating presence in the deep blue skies
Never had frenzy been so calm,
Than in his meditative jazz psalms,
An enigma, a wonder that cannot be explained,
The universal beauty and creation of john coltrane.

Amateur Musician of Mediocre Meter
To the crushed velvet once again,
To celebrate the soul of Trane,
On the street I hum “Airegin”
On a red barstool, words constrain
The uplifting of my spirit
Enclosed by a shrine underground
Emanating jazz, I hear it
I dig the speak, I dig the sound
Of the thoughts of a wise master
Of music weaving its long spell
As the tempo grows faster
I long for my lovely angel.

A Drum is a Woman
Once famed as a jazz man,
The noble duke maintained,

A drum is a woman
A woman of great pain

A woman of great joy
A woman I have loved
Since the age of a boy

To her skin was I lured
A caress had assured
(to me, that)

a drum is a woman

a drum is a woman

to whom I must be near
to hear music so dear

from the depths of her heart,
my hands & her hollow soul,
is borne a child of art

from it, in fear, I ran
to find another one
a drum is a woman
and music is her son.

I don’t feel right
That is to write
On this cold night
Even despite
All of my might
Through my blurred sight
To remove plight
Which like a kite
With me does fight
For wind and for light
On autumn nights
Doth the air bite
Numb hands clenched tight
Struggling to write.

You big tease
Will you never cease
To let my soul appease
Within itself
Wandering abound
Deaf to sound
For love once found
Now once lost
The stars have crossed
Their paths again
To punish me for my sin
That of having hope
Partaking in dope
As means to cope
With the tricks you play
In your 31 days
Do I portray
Myself as the prince and the pauper
A slave and a knave
To passion
My reaction
As a wise man
Disguised as a fool
Is to empty this pool
Of desire
As I float higher
Into the brisk air
Do I cease to care
of her flowing hair
Into which I stare
Nature in the eye
Oh why must I cry
When I see the leaves fall
Beautiful is it all
The trees stand tall
Empty and naked
Forgotten, forsaken
Am I unable to take in
The splendor of the cold
Winds which unfold
To become walls to my cheek
As I scamper to seek
Brown, yellow, red,
The vibrant greens have fallen dead
As the love I once thought I had
It was autumn days that drove me mad
The pain that I could not endure
Longer nights of darkness pure
To her shadow I am now lured.

Across 103rd Street
Across 103rd Street
Is where I would like to meet
Your angelic face halfway
Where my night melts into my day
Spent staring into your black eyes,
I need not the real world of lies
I need much your kiss and caress
So that but once I shall be blessed
By your love, heavy and serene,
Pleasure lies behind a silk screen
Dancing a sultry silhouette
Vanishing into your cigarette
My dreams recurring, short and sweet,
Across 103rd street.

My Heart
How is that I love thee,
Let me count the ways,
Let me count the days,
And weeks I wish you would stay,
With me then, now and forever,
Or from my soul will my heart be severed,
And upon my shoulders placed a pain I could endure never,
The duration of time until my hysteria sets in,
And my everlasting journey of solitude begins…..

Memories, though, are all I may carry with me,
But I dream in my arms is your soft body,
To caress your radiant, flowing hair,
Into your profound eyes must I stare,
Without your soft, tender lips to kiss,
Your face to faun, my life would be remiss,
To feel your oyster smooth skin,
Your neck
Your hands,
Your navel,
Your hips,
My mind fills vehemently with thoughts of sin,
So if it is a sin for one to love you as I do,
I renounce my god and replace it with you.

We stand on the horizon of the sunrise of a new day, vibrant and delightful, only because you are here and there and I must not rise to face the world with my weary eyes, alone to venture from my home into the jaws of reality, and all I see is poverty and love and I do not know where I stand, perhaps I fall, with much more comfort, and such is how I have fallen into a void that radiates endlessly, bombarding me with emotions, visions, thoughts and the beauty which I have always seen in my childish dreams, but now it simply comes to me in a fascinating, dizzying dimensional rainbow warp of love…..the fall, ignorant of bounds, of ends, like space, it is infinite, eternal and through it I wish I may float with thee…..

Hear ye not ye lions roar,
A Directory of Classes
Shall orchestrate the masses
From the damp Morningside gutters
To the dry eveningside shutters
Of Manhattan,
The Big Apple,
A big office,
Rather laboratory,
Labotomies fill the interzone voice,
Beats rebellious echo through empathy’s streets
Empathy streaks
Past plastic tied on to a shopping cart
Erupting with bottles of aluminum,
Cans of glass
The five and dime on the corner
Is no more
Have a bite,
Friend of these silver chips,
Tradable for your soul,
Your sex,
Your saints
Your saviors.

$.60 for a pen
what I paid
I could not borrow
To write one word
“ Correlativity”
Etched in chrome
Automotive dust
It’s all correlative
What is the meaning of this?
Young man
Natural relation
I believe
Between you and me
The sky and the sea
“ Don’t walk”
Flashes electric orange
“ God is love”
I walk towards the square’s glimmer
I smile with a lost man as we shiver
Hotel Pennsylvania,
Home to tourists,
Hobo greeters
See their breath
Husky frost
“ papa was a rollin’ stone”
prescribing vindication
by the world’s largest store,
a mother, her daughter,
shout “7:31”
when I wrote them down
into memories
of peace of love,
“ I’m saving all my love for you”
but I’m pissing away all my time
it’s really 7:19
at McDonalds’s backdoor
Bob Dylan glances
Curiously frowning
“ The times they are a changin’”
indeed they have,
even you’ve changed Bob
before my very own eyes
“ freakin’ white people man”
neon jackhammers
“ too much is not enough”
well maybe
not enough is too much
and nothing is more than I can handle
fill it with everything,
see what that does,
leaves a mess,
of metal mothers
malicious muthafuckas
mania madness
computerized experience
too expensive for me
rather try reality
which is too much
that is not enough
that is too much of everything
and not enough of nothing.

I too call myself a poet
Though for years I did not know it
That is until I was no longer a child
But a trapped man run amuck wild
Savoring the mornings of sunrise
Evening sunsets, night stars as my prize
What they could have but not take away
The beauty of life I meet every day
With a smile, a kiss, a shake of the hand
For all citizens honorable of god’s land
Such things rarely were they learned
In my lonely heart they were yearned
Until it burned, burned and burned
My mind, my heart and my soul
And that loneliness took its toll
As I questioned my very self
Knocked all of the books off the shelf
And screamed out in agony
Wishing the death of me
Or else everybody
That confusion grew
Until I no longer knew
If I had blown it
My life as a poet.

La Collectioneuse
Turn new leaves
And dare to dream
Perceive and believe
That which does not seem
To disturb the peace
Blinded in the trees
Pieces of her collection
The fastest girl in the world
One would say
Not hard enough to get
With her unbearable charms
Running along her slender arms
Waken up among friends of that tension
Built of nothing
At the core between legs of lovers’ eyes
Sing of beauty do exiled skies
Ripping down morals
And the women bound
So that peace and solitude could be found
Or so it was thought
the mind of its own had not fought.

Where the Revolution
Where the revolution
for peacetime economics
restructuring the globe
into a tech fu do village
ripe for the pillage
prepared for the plunder
atop glass towers
does new york wonder
addicted to power
proclaiming this
a victorious hour
for one and all
manchilds in the promised land
riding three white horses
ablaze in the confusion
of the common man
vibrating in a fear of the godly
and a love of the serene
day by day
tied twofold to a tree
the jaws of a monster
do I see
steadily enveloping me
clinging to the past I knew
in light of the future that grew
like a rift
in the molten mantle
of this land
flooding the thoughts
of the gratifying man
barrons of the barren valley
of over-produced dolls
buried beneath the falls of my humanity
in my own private Idaho
land of the free
where masses take the street
champion the beats
they tried to sell
on their path to hell
where the revolution
carried to heaven
kind souls, hearts and minds
equipped with realized visions sublime.

Swirl about doubt
Hate yourself incorrectly
Pain others indirectly
Scoffed to be scolded
Rash egotism molded
Fruits untimely
Shadows of a doubt
Frightened the night
Metrically opposed
Loving none of it
But the bomb
Preached forth Jesus
In Judah’s psalm
Feast for all
Free to fall
Deeper and deeper
No good
Fisticuff heroes
Killed the creativity
Edge in the red
Shed the crackling
Azure rose
Bled the hair
On my chest
Pushing remote control
Cameras off the desk
Into a wired fate
Waves the night
Good night
Lackluster dreams
Grammar and thieves
Give nothing
Back to me
No idea
To try to be a
Flash in the pan
Explosion into the eye
Of the matter
At hand adorned overnight
Silver East Village rings
In the age of abundance
Two apples and two oranges
Add up to too many pears
And cheating presidents
For the people
Manage your health
With television topics
Repeated commercial after bloody commercial
Lulling your wallet to sleep
To death to the non-believers
Who picket corporate lines shouting
“ money is boredom”
sinking profits into racist holes
of diversity and discrimination
on behalf of self-proclaimed genius
blinded by Edison in the darkness
steering the ship
back to shore
through unchartered territory
of indolence and purity
suffering death instinct

I wonder how I will meet the sky and kiss it on its sky blue lips excuse me while I caress the clouds invoking the saint of electric ladyland samples of would be prose words I have used on the other girls until making love to the sky gave me the thunder clap blues from which I need protection from myself for plastic is the death of me preacher can’t you see what’s become of me the passenger a stranger wandering about smiles through the alleys ringing up the music for high art and the shirt off my back, I prefer to whistle tunes from the twilight zone nights when the sky cast black on her stage all the world for which my heart holds love I prefer to be naked and look to the sky above to take my love and heal my pain, ‘tis she the blanket of beauty to which I will make my love underneath the stars she keeps in her shroud and feel her rain as it cleanses my soul to kiss the sky it is a dream of mine…..

Welcome to your Senses
Hand me over to the Marxist regime,
for I’ve had it with the capital scheme,
Give me in to society,
for I am finished with propriety,
Take me on a magic carpet ride,
for I no longer wish to hide,
Grab me not gently into that night,
for I need not now my sense of sight,
and tell me not of the days of old,
for I desire not that fool’s gold
but hear me well when methinks profound,
for I shall always remain underground
abound by the sounds
basement jitters and jive
methinks me happy to be just alive
trade in time from nine to five
unwilling misery just to survive
patience, my son,
all will be well
one day will come,
many stories to tell,
of demons in heaven
and angels in hell,
towers and columns
after our trees did fell,
the day the chain broke
and with it misery’s spell.

Fatefully Yours
I am fatefully yours
When the three sisters
Let me out of the box
Then together we will be
Once again
As if never we had met
That love vibration
Still glows in your eyes
And I am bashful
I am not a lover
I wish I was a fighter
But I am a cavorter
And with my sweat and smoke
I can find content
Among modern malcontents
I would say I rank high
But I place you much higher
So much deeper than your body paint
I want to read your literature
Melt away
Reborn and pure
If we meet again
I cannot be sure
I live by the knife
Allow the minutes to forget themselves
Get paid by the hour
Never know the time
I dropped it all
Off for free rhyme
And fragments of verse
Oh the fates they have me cursed!
Waiting alone until comes Tuesday
My neighbor you visit around my way
Your presence I feel
Your smile will thrill
One last stare,
For that I’d kill
But I am not a fighter
I wish I was a lover
And at that a lover of yours
But I cannot force the subject
I must let the fates take their course…..

Let Us Begin to Revolt
Camoflauge compositions
Are my mission
This is a notebook
At last
For the rip-tattered
Verses of my past
In the present,
The future
The will lie
Between action and reaction
I have gathered together
My powers that be
Within the very soul of me
Let us begin to revolt
Against the freedom tyrants
As we hurl the ugly,
The violent
The deathly
The sick
Upon them
Locked up
Within phrases and conjunctions
It is the function
I do not promote
When technology promotes
So here lies my covert
Let us begin to revolt
As we flip the matches
Of incendiary verbs
Towards babylon’s gates
Watch the sparks fly
And act
Beholders of slack
Don’t look back
Rip apart Jack
With scandal and controversy
He tried to spy
And could not fool them all
Entertain the notion
Of infiltration
As we begin the
Out in the open
Will be held between the sides
And verbal warfare will ensue
Reform the norm
Of your outperform
Let us begin to revolt……

Once I asked where the revolution,
Once I had no resolution
No question for which to find a solution
I thought I did not fear prosecution
Capital punishment and electrocution
Electric chairs and execution
Now I find here the revolution
I breathe deep airs of pollution
After drinking alcohol of dilution
Now I ask whence the revolution
Did it begin today?
In this book of blood
Hath slain
My looseleaf heart
Piled in shambles
In that book of love
Who wrote it?
Surely not I,
Who rarely did cry
But prepared to die
Bringing me to the here and now
I ask where, when, and how
The revolution to my fate will comply
As I continue to increase the supply
While not a soul demands my skills
If ever I had any
I shuffle about the worlds many
With hopes of filling the congressman’s shoes
With water so I can put it out with fire
Just like a rock concert
I will echo into the political arena
And take it upon myself
To speak for the people
Since they know not better
And need to be led
Not followed
That’s what I call
Of damnation
But this
Became my
That was change for the better
Lied not in more cheddar
But in the abundance of wool sweaters
And thoughts unfettered
Processes of requests
For revolutionaries of the righteous
It might just
Be the wrong place at the right time.

hold hands
hugs and kisses
x’s and o’s
like tic tac toe
in this heart I surely know
that enough love lies
to make all evildoers die
as I drink the blood
of my beloved
I want of nothing
but her heart
and a life anew
will I then start

Time for Your Change
Where do the changes come from?
Try and you fail
Dropped some money in your pail
Then do the problems
Away sail on the wings
Of freedom fighters
Live from inside jail
Gather about suburban youth
And t-shirt manufacture for the
5 o’clock press conference
usually the appropriate time to lie to those tuned in
effective is the change
of pure hogwash
extended to the masses
those few who listen
those few who understand
those few who feel
have suffered enough
enduring in the apathetic void of social conscience
replete within a world planning their elimination
from the photograph of the global village
apples drop from the trees hit us on the head
wake us up
and live
time for your change
to jingle its way out of my pockets
and into your hands
for some crack medicine
throw in two cigarettes
and you’re set for
a day or two
it bothers
but what do I do about it?
My own glorification
Helps not
Our own unification
When our wallets tell us to forget
The rest
For we cannot
Be bothered
When it’s every man for himself
And we try to convene
Our committees of correspondence
Online direct from
The third world
Began my story of rewriting
His story
Spreading the message
Is all a prophet can do
Without capturing
The lord’s throne
Decipher the message
Is all a disciple can do
When words take on that dangerously
Deathly quality of bullets and bombs
The plutonium phenomenon
Words will never hurt me
But words will hurt you
If they get into the wrong hands
The blueprint for reform
Must not reach
The eyes and ears
Hearts and words
Of the moral and upstanding
American youth of illiteracy
Children of the corn
Crops abundant with ignorance
In these prosperous times
The future looks bright
For the earthly marketplace
There are still resources left
We haven’t tapped into yet
And plenty of people
To get the job done
Where the fuck do the changes come from?
When Jesus lies helpless on the cross
Only to find himself lost with mickey mouse plastered in neon
All over Times Square
Do unto your brother
Like the brother who did in X
The gun that got Gandhi
Also got Dr. King
And then came the change
To a more material model of modernity
Das Kapital
The people stood in awe
The politics became profit and power
And the art just gagged on its own tongue
Choked by Dadaist shopkeeps in Soho
Where then do the changes come from?
Empty pockets and overflowing minds
Feel more like body and soul
Wake us up and live
Time for your change.

Sunday Soundtrack
I am sleeping in the devil’s bed,
calling all angels
and getting a busy signal
wandering from A to B
avenues of my life
I know all too well
bartenders and bisexuals
dealers and dependents
I am just one of the guys
who tries not to cry
heave a sigh
go and get high
if I can fly
gliding at the same altitude
cruising to the last page
of this book
my life
reads disjointedly
as a man
is all that I can
summon myself to appear
before the cupid’s court
bleeding from the bow
that I am bending
like Robert Duncan
writing poems
for goddesses
and the volcanoes
they touch
I found them in desire
staring into the eyes of fire
burning my soul
I sit in silence
my peace is assured
crackling like a hermit’s shell
remnants left behind on the beach
my mark left in the sand
until the waves
come to clean the slate
and accept my fate
even if I refuse
there is nothing to lose…
but for moments of sleep
it’s late and I’m feeling light
unafraid of fright
in the dark cold night
winter wisps wildly
while white windows widen
for me to climb out of
the devil’s bed
It didn’t matter
to me anymore
I was trying to stay hardcore
and soft on the outside
playing mental games
with the same partner
I caught wind
by its tail
and tacked on a fact
that I had made a pact
with the spirit
to only play with it
put myself in check
as I crashed
into the reality wreck
I just cracked my neck
and walked away
with a few bruises
that would heal
but I wasn’t quite sure if
again I would ever feel
the way I did
when I was a dreamer
wishing today
was tomorrow
instead of yesterday
when I lived
without regrets
and the forgets
lest I not think anymore
so I wont miss anything else
like I already do you
miss myself
like your childhood
cut short by separations
and hourglasses of sand
washed away
by waves of saltwater
from my black eyes.

Take Five
me and her used to take five
staying high just to stay alive
her jazz was the juice
that got my limbs loose
staying up all night just to stay alive
me and her used to only take five

Enter the Dragon
enter the dragon
and his welcome wagon
of stories and years
overcoming fears
hiding tears
in the shed
with the word
and hammer
time stopped
when it smashed the clock
time scattered
in pieces
the sickle
flew off the handle
and I caught it
cut lines across my life
and burned it
chapter by chapter
the logical progression
sessions call question
upon resources
in codes
like morse’s
traveled halfway
around this land
and seas
that surmise
and walked away
with a dream
that was revolting
revolving on its own
was abraxas
“ destroy the world
to be from from it
fly to god”
you are everything
and everything is yours
and yours
can open many doors
and close even more
and find even more than that
wear different hats
and other people’s pussy (OPP!)
I have got a monopoly
on my emotions
playing football
against Americans
I am afraid of
such as myself
at a situation
the past
made of this moment
it’s been ages
how many years have you?
the hundred eighty proof
is in the pudding
and I’m just eating
up the evidence
cuz I don’t want to get busted again
I’ve got ten years
to live
so let the games begin
as I prepare to take on the world
as an armchair assassin
if I am to outlive
jesus and bird
but they were way ahead
I’m taking my time
hiding my rhyme
to keep it mine
this verbal landmine
leaves convention
in a wasteland
of ideas
when I lose track
of the time
and the lines
I cut on the mirror
some nights I snorted
my life
for a quick jolt
of what’s good
but then it seemed
that it could get old
if I got old
unless I stayed bold
solid gold
I sold
in stories
I haven’t even told
my hand is pretty weak
so im going to fold
for tonight
as my years have passed
I pass this game to the dealer.


I let it all pass by me gently
lying facedown
in my own mind
it was fruitless
I felt at times
ended up with the same hand
too many times
tried to write about it
in too many rhymes
got sick of the old shit
and turned it in
gave up on some expression
for the love of sin
a bit of lust
to hold me over
as I let it all pass
and just get older
more reserved
and yet bolder
within the heart
though feelings
get colder
with every touch
that can make it
and break it
whenever you fake it
I forsake it
and try not to take it
but one way or another
I’ve got to make it
I might as well
before I die and go to hell
fell for many spells
calling the man
buying the shit that he sells
just hope that no one tells
so 5-0 don’t come by and ring the bells.


this hopeless romantic
I thought it was me
like Humphrey bogart
in Casablanca
I thought I was like
jean Paul belmondo
is the French new wave films
I thought it was me
what did I know of love
to play these parts?
I think I need some more
in depth research
but I can’t get a grant for my studies

Standing and Writing
standing and writing
landing and fighting
of pairs
reading freud
trying to avoid
the void
I wished to take everyday
and make it mine
for I had not the time
composing rhyme
to awake with
nowhere to go
it just goes to show
that I’m taking it slow
cause I don’t really know.

fallen heroes
ones and zeroes
pockets full of green
on that computer screen
my code
is to implode
and take you all with
a journey
straight out of an ancient myth
of Taoists and Maoists
were the loudest
I was not the proudest
brother in dodge
seemed like a halfway lodge
that heaven bit
back to hell I sent shit
fell back to take a hit
the radio burned to the ground
ashes of my soul
mixed into the ganges
did I please to appease
the fates’ will
the sisters
had me killed
from the get go
I wish I could soar
yet I flounder
whenever I try to get profounder
with a quarter pounder
its just attrition
what I’ve been missin
I don’t know
though I keep wishin
that I could go.

Stranded on an Island Called Harrisburg
the lone traveler
a gunman without a holster
and any ammunition
gunpowder shaken off his head
like dandruff on
January days
snow so pure
you could snort it straight
and pray to your god
for more in fifteen minutes
we need oblivion
we can’t get enough
for shorter periods
but they can’t drown
out the wails of sorrow
bellowing from within
I see it in their eyes
the truth to their lies
actors abound
above the ground
but venture below
as shadows creep slow
there are things
I will never know
who am I
and to what
do I owe this visit
where am I going
walking blindly
without knowing
tis not the destination
but the path
which enlightens
and to venture alone
does my heart frighten
murmuring its weakness
drowned out by drums
which beat within me
so I can keep the time
I don’t’ wear a watch
I am already aware
that even when I am angry
I do still care
despite my misgivings
I keep on living
and getting stronger
through my body is no longer
lying under sheets woven
from the east
the distant lands
that have not graced
my presence
and so I find myself lost
speaking with peasants and thieves
pushers and patriots
and one who jumped the fence
who stood before
the naval court
in defense
how could I ever recompense
a man for whom
I know no solution
when I have none for myself
has become a sickness
in this foreign land
many have arisen to take the stand
but lacked the power
that comes with a hundred grand
so they were deemed doomed
to failure
and yet another
win was chalked up for big business
inanimate entities
encompassed our very being
those latter millennial years
and yet everywhere
there was money to be had
so there seemed to be no fears
everyday the innocent died
and no one shed any tears
because one must make sure to smile
as the cameras near
to archive your fingerprints
in the media encyclopedia

southern hospitality
in the north such manner
is a mere formality
its sheer normality
mere conformality
of conformation
within the money culture
there are no more nations
only corporations
and so no hesitations
when it comes to profit maximization
there are so many organizations
and not enough legislation
so I chose verbal terrorization.

Halloween Wedding
halloween fell on a sunday this year
and the freaks rejoiced with evil and cheer…..

this sunday morn awoke to the chapel
amongst the sounds of ghouls and witches cackle

an intimate wedding was to take place
to bond these two lovers by the power and grace
invested in me
I pronounce thee
husband and wife,
you may kiss the bride
it was all surreal
half a finger gone
and still he could feel
emotions overblown
tears in happiness had flown
only the closest family and friends
would be there until the end

suits and boots
cats and cops
candy on the streets
given out at corner shops

trick or treat
when shall we meet
on the corner of st. mark’s and avenue A
I could no longer stay
and be overwhelmed by the beauty of being
I wanted to end all that I was seeing
my only recourse was to begin fleeing
from the woman in red
she sells coke by stingy’s
and lulu doesn’t mind her kind
all bark and no bite
drag queens pass through at all hours of night

light bulbs hang and
then they break
another glass of champagne I’ll take
this time watch out for where you shoot the cork
and stop pointing at me with that damned fork

family and friends
an ends to an ends
I forgot about the means
looking back to these scenes…..

3.26.00 – Brooklyn Bomber
unrelated to the rest
I thought I was best
focused on my quest
tunnel vision cessed
it all just seemed like a mess
when it got to be too much, the stress
I tried to dream of that soft summer dress
Lying between the glass
The sun is my savior
Though I am a vampire
A creature of night
Standing before the fire
My line of sight
Is too far and in between
So I am too clean
And dirty at the same time
Not for the sake of rhyme
I have no reason
It comes during all seasons
I am no longer pleasing
To my own needs
I refuse to feed
Without remorse
I have chosen my destined course
Shedding this first person
It took not long
To write love song
A metamorphosis
For heavenly bliss
And not the stuff of riches
The stuff of dreams
Through with all the bitches
And on to all the queens
Crawled my way out of many niches
And out of my teens
Now almost half way through
The next decade
I would figure to have it made
Held down to get laid
Out in the open
Sometimes I wear the frown
Others the smile is my crown
When I have reached down
Into a reservoir
Of film noir
And Issachar
Let my people go
Or let me go alone
I have had only one home
To have left
To do like they do in Rome
And to do it even a little better
I turned to the verse
And flipped on the letter
I did not rehearse
And I did not let her
Be my nurse
And help me get better
I gave it my all
And still seemed to fall
I’ve never stood tall
So I watched from better perspective
Acquiring the knowledge like a private detective
Cannot help but to get reflective
Only to retract and to defend
To the loneliness of my heart I see no end
All of my pain I have tried to mend
Resorting to liquor and medicine
And other expensive worldly sins
When doth my retribution begin?
I absolutely refuse to give in
I am not yet done with living
Neither with giving
Shall I continue
To wear blue
Bearing the birth of the cool
And the infinite circle
I have nothing
But blame
And everything but the girl
Remixed for the streets
Circa two thousand and twenty
In the information age
Supplies were plenty
But people were yet to understand
What was the creator’s original plan
And that was to mate
And to create
To love
And not hate
I thought that this was my fate among all
I wanted to ball
Suckers waited to brawl
But they were all
I was too busy walking
New york
Looking for a fork
In garbage cans
Another paycheck from the man
So I could go on to live out my plan
Everybody else was just in the way
I had neither the time nor inclination
To stay any longer though the feelings
Got stronger
I did not wish to wrong her
Or her beloved name
I refused to play her wicked game
And so you know that song remains the same
I’m going back to Colorado
With a brand new bravado
With rectangles as my motto
The hard step
Put numbers
Back to basics
As code passes
And flashes
Through the matrix
Turned tricks
Took its licks
Kept on ticking
Though this world
Got sickening
The plot kept thickening
For the others
I just laid low with the brothers
Trying not to act my age
24 years and 20 minutes
ago all my life I have raged
like a Brooklyn bomber.

blackouts bring out
the writer in me
fireworks and festivities
for some strange reason
these moments I seize
to take to notebook please
bombs a thundering
flurries asunder
without my vision
left my ears
to wonder
was it beauty
amidst the summer sky
the celebration of a nation
of demand and supply
these moments I took
to the red tattered book
hung in my sling
like the flag in spring
a battle of epic proportions
wooed and cheered
the victorious masses
their hands full with beer
twas a display of might
in a new era
light speed thought
and information
yet with no power
you don’t know the hour
or even how are your friends
unless you use the process of elimination
I clung to the past
for many years
due to my fears
that the world would be built by my peers
and the further we steered
towards the future
with the fossils for our fuel
chaos would ensue
from technocratic rule
and render the learned the fool
helpless with but a candle and pen
when you leave the room
doth my soliloquy being

you hath given unto me
a certain proclivity
towards the open minded
trails of your
wheat filled fields
your hills and valleys
from Susquehanna
to san Fernando
had me feeling
like a commando
always on the defense
with my sixth sense
my pockets full of no pence
led to a lack of common sense
no means left to recompense
our future and past
so I took it upon myself
to set the precedents.

helicopters flew overhead
bombs bursting in thin air
the stars were shining
through smoke streamed seas
across seven did people from the world
lease their lives for a chance at American romance.

Je ne le oubliez jamais
searching for
my piece of the pie Americana
roll it up with a little bit of
tobacco and marijuana
frankfurter friday mornings
in Delaware
making French fries
ain’t cool
it’s tough
dancing in the flesh
for fast bucks
and young fucks
like me
can be a way of
living in this society
tolls don’t take bills no more
what’s an out of towner to do?
where oh where can my baby be?
she’s certainly no here riding with me
so I kept riding until the sun came a rising
with no place in mind
just the road
that I follow
looking for a girl
in Delaware
that swallows
bearing my heart on my sleeve,
it’s become alone and hollow
sleepy like ichabod crane
I am going crazy with this brain
at 4am mornings
I can’t help not yawning
and disregarding the surgeon general’s warnings.

The Fire of My Eyes
tonight my heart was set afire
I tried not to meet her with desire
But placed her among all things higher

Besides myself
I wanted her to see
insides myself
I wanted her to be
Besides myself

During these times of chaos
I felt that (this warchild) you could comfort me
So evil could not slay us
I pray us
And we
You and me
Can right these wrongs
I pray us
And we
You and me
Can write love songs
Without writing anything at all
I wish to catch you whenever you fall
I need your warmth
For as you say I am cold
So that in your fire I may bask
Until I have grown weary and old
You have set me aflame
And I cannot blame
Anyone but I
From the first moment
I looked into your eyes
Your presence came to me as a surprise
And now I wonder where our future lies….
For you have become the fire of my eyes.

It’s Not Up to You
I’d travel through
Many pains
Of the soul
To make myself whole
It is my role
To let me
for you
In every little thing I do
I want your magic
It is tragic
When I feel
I don’t come across
It is your loss
But really mine
I could just be standing in line
Trying to get a word in edgewise
Oh so many that I needed a disguise
After I looked into your burning eyes
I couldn’t stare at the sun no more
That was the whole world before
You appeared
And the 3 sisters cleared
The way for me to enter your lair
In the darkness I did not dare
To be so bold
Methinks you still think me cold
How I was cursed
From the day that I first
Reared my head
And resorted to hidden rhymes instead
Words I weaved to cover my heart
Can’t put my finger on when it did start
When I asked October why did she tease
I solely wanted your soul to please
It was clear when I first heard your name
That I would happily burn within your flames
I’ve heard the advice and maybe not learned
That if you play with fire, you will get burned.

Dream Theme
I stare into your eyes
And dig your fashion
I am blinded with (com) passion
That burns two light years
Away from the sun
Let us be one
And smolder on
Walking on embers
And thin air
I dreamed to dare
That I saw you there
brown-skinned angel of flowing hair
A goddess of light
To keep me warm at night
Is she the recurring theme
That dances every night’s dream.

6 Train Quatrain
not to touch the earth
though her warm hands I am feeling
not to write the prose of love
for my past flames have me reeling

I have come to doubt
What this love is all about
I fell flat on my face and then I fell blue
Awoke the next morning and then fell for you.

I’m too diverse
These words cannot explain
Like the universe
Of joy and pain,
these 6 train quatrains

Before Night Falls
before night falls
my heart falls further
into a lonesome abyss
longing for your sweetest kiss

I can’t get next to you
Even though I’m already here
You are next to me
And to my heart even more near
I wish it would all be so clear
Oh sugar, oh dear!

the painter/cinema commands me to take risk
and stop look listen to my heart say
Love is what I need before I whither away
Dried up, broken, burnt and brittle
Oh! But if only you loved me a little!

Before night falls
One October night
My body fell
Into a spell
Of drink and think
Our house is pink
In the basement
I should have danced
With you and romanced
With you so I’d have a chance
With you but the trance
With you renders me weak
I stumble when I speak
It has been 3 weeks
Since upon me you descended
I thought my heart was mended
As my days of pain ended

Before night falls
You got me wide open
And I didn’t
Come out in the open
I was hoping
That we understood
The vibe was all good

Before night falls
The sweet music we make together
Makes me want to stay at home forever
I, your very own poetic dissident
You, my angel, radiant & heaven-sent

Avec toi
I see you daily
And still it is not enough
Why is it so tough?
to wish to run through the park gaily
Avec toi
And smoke la
I don’t want you to meet ma and pa
Not just yet
I am constantly in fret
Though I am fretless
I am utterly helpless
In your presence
me and the peasants
should meet at quintessence
avec toi
across 10th street
I’d gladly meet
Avec toi
Je ne pense pas
Quand je suis
Avec toi
Elle et lui
Is you and me
Baby, can’t you see
What you’ve done to me?

She amazes me
Her beauty dazes me
The thought of her crazes me
And in a maze I see
The mountains meet the sea
There we will travel
And let love unravel
The mysteries
Of the mountains and the seas
The histories
Between the you’s and the me’s
As I pray that we were meant to be
As I kneel before you and pray to thee
All time before you I have wasted and spent
All time before I wished you would pay the rent
I tend not to think it a coincident
For fate has surely you to me sent

The lowest point in my life
I thought I’d take to the knife
I’ve failed in school
Been made the fool
Failed in love
Looking to the sky above
Failed in my profession
From too many night sessions
I have only one question
What to do?
All that I have is you
And I don’t have you at all
I am in the midst of my greatest fall
Where is Camus?
All that I have is you

A fall from grace
A fall on the face
And all your friends are gone
It won’t be long
Before I am gone too
All that I have and have not is you.

The Girl in the Middle
The girl in the middle
Won’t you love me a little,
For fate it seems
Has brought you
I thought you
Were in my dreams
I have known you always
And still I love your ways
When we spend lazy days
I only want you
to stay
with me
and play
with me
to you
from me
Thank you
For you

Be Me, Be You
All I’ve done is
be me
And let you
be you
You being you
Has helped
Me be me.

Lucky Star
You must be my lucky star
You are oh so near, yet oh so far
From me and my iron lung,
The cat has bitten my tongue
So that I cannot kiss your lips
I yearn to caress your hips
And melt into your sweet face
I yearn to stay forever in this place

Global Warming aka Madison Square
Decembers were cold and grey
Before you came and took my heart away
I could not await to awake early in the day
To bask within your sunshine’s ray

Global warming is your warning
Souls are storming
The gates
For bill
And his bills
Wrought of will
And mental pills
It’s nice in new york
It’s winter
And still
The parka is at home
While in the park I roam
Your starlight
Had shown/shone
Me the way
And blown
Me away
If only you’d stay
It would be sunny everyday
in your illumination
there are ruminations
that only you can provide
I want to slip and slide
The coronas of your eyes
For you are the sun
The ultimate prize

Down on my Luck
Didn’t give a fuck
Until fate had me struck
Upon the head

Unseasonably warm
true to form
Despite the storms
Circling about my head

Your global warming is my warning
That love is swarming
My essence
With your presence
Sitting amongst peasants
In Madison square
The pigeons saw me there
Daydreaming your flowing hair
Amidst leaves of fallen yellow
You’re so damn mellow
You’ve got a hold on this fellow
He just wants to bellow
That he can love you
Wherever you are
Near or far
In between
You and me
Seem to have been
So right
It seemed obscene
That I could awake
From a sunshine’s dream
In the heat of the night
I wish you’d intervene
And let me know
Which way to go
To understand what this all means
The sun and the moon
Your sweet love’s tune
And all that I have not yet seen

A day like such
I want you so much
To be my little dutch
In my hour
Of need
With great speed
The deed
Was done
We became one
I brought you home
Wrote you love poems
You brought me the sun.

Brown Flower
In my darkest hour
Arose a brown flower
A beauty to me unforeseen
We shared a shower
And so much more
So many nights I wanted to knock on her door…..

Missing Her
Had loved her for a thousand years
Despite the heartache and tears
She brought me ultimate joy
In my times of sorrows
I, like a fervent boy
Looked forward to tomorrows
When to her face I would awake
I was all about to give
When I wished not to take
I was all about to live
When my heart was to break
I was all about to make
The sweetest love
Years I had dreamed of
Having my soul melt
Making her presence felt
When her presence was far away
I was missing her everyday
Rationalizing in every way
Why she wouldn’t phone and say
She was missing me too
What could I do?
Thousands of miles apart
I tried to protect my heart
And still I was hurt inside
No one knew my eyes cried
Waiting for her call
I felt so small
In her wonderful world
Where my passion unfurled
In love with this angelic girl
Alone and helpless
At home I was restless
My life seemed a mess
She was my order
As I crossed the border
Into the heavens
We were stars
Brought together from afar
Not ever wondering about our ascension
We entered new dimensions
All we could do was stare
For our souls did share
Infinite affection
In reflection
I set her free
I love her loving me
I am always there for her
Because I so care for her
Whenever wherever whatever
She is
My love will surround
Longing for her voice’s sound
Thinking of the times
When I would be kissing her
While I am still missing her

I miss you much
Your sweet touch
Your sweet caress
Has me blessed
By your hands
I would travel many lands
To hold them once more
So they could open the door
To your hallowed heart
In your life becoming a part
Is my only ambition
For love you are my definition
And the highest reason
My soul warmed this winter season

You took me to another place
Then took your space
I just longed for your face
The memory I could not erase


I miss you much more
Your sweet touch I adore
Your sweet caress
Has me blessed
By your being
The truth I am seeing
Through your eyes
Though you might not surmise
That I have listened
As I watch the sweat glisten
From your brow
I wonder how
It would come about
That we could work it out
Our unusual circumstance
Of unforeseen romance
Then only not to care
But for your deep happy stare
I wish you’d always stay
And every night we’d lay
Under the stars’ shine
You will always be mine
I wish to always be yours
Cherished lover that snores
Writing you miss you much mores

Radio Songs
every corner i turn
my heart burns
my body yearns
for her touch
i miss her much
her love is such
that the world does not exist
without her sweetest kiss
my loneliness persists
thinking of how she smiled
on my life for a few months while
like a little child
i played along
living a life of love song
we were rocking the boat
and working the middle
wanting to talk to her a little
holding her hands
near to my heart
this wasnt planned
though i knew from the start
that she was so dear
every song i hear
my eyes shed sweet tears
as in my dreams she appears
and i cant get her out of my head
wanting to stay with her in my bed
but not wanting to wake up
for fear that today we would break up
and my life would end
born today my heart could not mend
my longing for her voice
i was left with no other choice
than to go it alone
the way i had always known
my candles were blown
and then my wish came true
the day i fell madly in love with you

26 on the 26th
these days
they carry on
with them I marry upon
a life
less than ordinary
at times scary
and others sad
oh so happy
but others mad
at my own insecurity
cloaked in immaturity
never wanting to grow up
when the city was about to blow up
i sat in contemplation
of our relations
brought my soul united
while passion and reason fighted
my heart yearned
the night burned
another night
of my life as a myth
as this world turned
26 on the 26th

26 on the 26th
strolling 26 avenues
across the hudson
sleet fallen
body callin
your name
your splendor
that rendered
me a fool
who fell in love
i’m looking above
the world trade beams
and feeling even higher
burning in your love’s fire
though this night I lay cold
and one more year old
i saw a whole new life ahead
to where my heart fled
without notice
the need to emote this
comes and goes
in ebbs and flows
my scarred nose
in the mirror
were warnings
on my behavior
searching for a savior
when I was already saved
your love paved
a highway to my heart
when we were apart
i wanted to drive
backwards through the past 25
and speed back home
so that my heart won’t roam
city sidewalks
on brooklyn bridges
excited in my britches
dreaming with the sky you’re there
the cold wind your blowing hair
like the lions of march
life has left me parched
and thirsty for more
craving your love
like the lions’ roar
waiting for you to walk through that door

26 delis
and 3 cellys
i adjust cross-faders
without relative ease
i’m not saying please
as much as i’m saying thank you
wanting to spank you
even though i rank you
ruler of my kingdom
i’m thinking some
days are better than others
i had better brothers
to band with
26 on the 26th
drinking 6 fifths
of spanish sangria
rolling 6 spliffs of sensimilla
never thought there could be a
better way
to spend the day
than to spend the night
under candlelight
with a little bump and grind
between your body and mind
as a present I would find
to be one thing of my favorites
this night i savor it
the dating
of my days
on this earth
what’s it worth
without you
when i’m all about you
i forget me
and beget we
in my confused head
i‘d be better off dead
living many lives
with four wives
of hidden faces
i’ve been to many places
and forgotten more names
played all sorts of games
with my emotions
amidst the commotions
that thunder
so slow
to my ears
after 26 years
i’ve only shed 26 tears
for the fears
that had me frightened
you had me enlightened
during dark times
i started writing rhymes
so as to address
what my words could not express
how life made me drunk
from beauty by the glass
i was never one to pass
on the pleasure
until i found the treasure
of my soul’s search
her body as my church
i pray
is my birthday
every morn
when i was reborn
i had sworn
to keep writing the myth
26 on the 26th

dare to dream
fair sister
of your tomorrows

all is not what seems
in a world of transistors
injustice and sorrows

though for your life’s desire
you shall tirelessly seek
and you shall wearily find

that something higher
has made you of unique
stature in body and mind

you have become a force
enabled to accomplish
in all you have achieved

I knew it of course
for in all that you wish
I have always believed

so atop mountains
breathless I would climb
only to scream out loud

with my pens as fountains
writing you rhymes
for I am so proud

you reign supreme
in the plains like a twister
your winds I borrow

dare to dream
fair sister
of your tomorrows

Apollo’s Daughter
my dear,
i fear
that tears
for years
from my eyes will appear
if you are no longer near...

my dear,
my sweet flower, sun & heart
your love is the greatest form of art
shot through my soul quick as a dart
i pray that we shall never part

my dear,
i wish you would take me
for you could make me
a man so much better
for not writing letters
to a faraway love
that i always dreamed of
her music i would follow
as sunlight shines from apollo
to the ends of this earth,
our first glance was my second birth
into a life and a world anew
that fateful minute i first met you.

pitstop on her love tour
pitstop on her love tour
i was never sure
if her love was pure

my plus one
is like the sun
brightening my todays and tomorrows.....

Waiting for America
waiting for a boat named america
one early july night
by the bayshore
she promised freedom
arrived late at the dock
one early july night
waiting for a boat named america

soy tanto tan feliz
que eres mi querida,
y aunque estás dormida
lejos de mis brazos,
tienes todos los pedazos
de mi corazón en tus manos,
en tu sonrisa hay el sol lozano
en tus ojos está mi fortuna
como luz radiante de la luna
puedo vérte de mi ventana
y aunque estás lejana,
eres mi brillante estrella,
la mujer más bella
quien es mi querida,
siempre te quiero en mi vida.

The Thrill is Gone
the thrill is gone
she said as i understood it
i knew it all along,
but should it?

with all my heart for thee did i care
as into your almond eyes did I stare
i lived my life with but only one care
for you with whom (the days of) my life I would share

sunday night
at the corner
quiet station
L train to brooklyn
before bedford ave
we finally stopped to talk
we finally started to walk
change our lives
look for other wives
no more subway tokens
evoked emotions
i tried to open up to her
she didn’t know me still
i wish things were the way they were
yet now my heart is still
unlike the day i fell
my heart was racing
you appeared
and began gracing
my dreams
only to become real
your soft hands i did feel
while you rubbed my back
my hands wanted to caress your face
i wish we could go back to that place
in matter space and time
when you and i
were like a rhyme
from two words
from two worlds
but one heart
now torn apart.

though my eyes water
i smile and think of
the bike that i bought her
its silver
it folds
it will stand to remind
how i will always be there
like the night
she called me crying
i wish she knew that my soul is dying
even though it breaks my heart
i would wait in the wings
for a new start
with this special girl
so cute
so radiant
she made me happy
she meant the world
to me
and she knew it
but somehow i still blew it
even though she made a mistake
while i tried to sleep
my heart was mid-break
but my mind could still keep
the memories
of you and me
overlooking the sea
we crossed the bridges over the rivers
one look one night made me quiver
i want it all back
i want you all back
i’ve completely lost track
of the days basking
in your love
under the sun
in the park
on city streets
in the dark
out on the town
we’d always be down
for each other
only my sister and my mother
know me as well
but since the day i fell
i awoke under your spell
to shower affections
in your direction
and so again i fell bad
this time in love mad
but gave her no chance
for i was already dead set on romance

you let me in on your glory
our relationship
made such a great story
i hope for a happy ending
while for the time being
my heart will be mending

my beloved roommate
we could have been so great
staying together
during the colder weather
you kept me warm
at nights
i loved you with
all my might
to the very last drop
of my freshest tears
when did our love stop
when love will last for years?

looking across the east river
downtown Brooklyn
is under construction
from the promenade
I see your smile
I stop to think for a while
about what you’re doing
and who’s loving you
I’m still pursuing
nothing new

the watchtower
tells me the hour
of my discontent
the moment you
packed your bags
and went
to williamsburg
i thought it absurd
that our love blurred
the thin line
and never
at that moment
does my heartbreak begin

south st. seaport
on an october day
this month continues with its ways
of leading me
through a love maze
that in the end
more resembles a daze
for the days
that i try to remember
those first days of december
that we joined together
during unseasonably warm weather
i knew not whether
it was the right move to make
i knew not whether
my heart would break

downtown manhattan skyline
my fraulein
my lady
its partly sunny
and partly shady
couples embrace
seagulls float in space
old man at a limping pace
and i’m here alone
in the food court
thinking to court
the girl
two tables to my left
she seems
to be bereft
of company
while the men of company 4
look on from governor’s island
the statue of liberty
holds her torch
by new jersey’s shores
as i head down to
battery park once more
to race the hudson
back home
i’m on my own
i’m on my way
when the sun goes down
on sunday.

Sunday, Sunday
we had to talk
she told me
we talked many times already
but we really had to talk
she told me
while my laundry cooled
across the courtyard
cold november night
i never stepped outside
nights of vodka on ice
kept me on ice
sunday afternoons
but there must have been a full moon
when midnight’s bell tolled
for two hours later
in my arms your body i would hold

that evening that first glance
we didn’t exchange a word
you worked at the bar
but i was still undeterred
that mutual attraction
fantasy and reality blurred
from fateful wednesday nights
in november
west side
angel’s share
i didn’t care
as long as you & me
were there
our little secret
was amazing
behind closed doors
you were queen of the moors
we spoke la langue d’amour
hailed a cab
one last kiss
and we said no more
though there were so many things
i had yet to say
how i yearned to pass
many more days
in my bed
in this city
and your sensuous ways
you like a magnet
draw me in closer
had I not been heartbroken
i would let you in closer

as an ocean gradually
drifts us apart
i await
one month
to pass
and bring forth
a brand new start
from havana
a postcard
to you
i am sending
my femme fatale
like nico and edie
you want to be needy
i want you to need me
your energie feeds me
new thoughts
only one week
was not for naught
for in your web
i was caught
while you couldn’t stop
thinking about me
you were on your way home without me
and all i have is your photo
from the photo booth
and that last stare
to make me aware
that 6 hours ahead
of me
is a woman
so unique
and fantastique
france could not keep her
her alluring mystique
drew me in deeper
we left the world
for hours
another world
was ours
where love reigned
while it rained
cold windy weather
i didn’t care whether
the sun was up or down
when i payed you a visit
when we finally were open
the feeling was exquisite
my heart raced
keeping up with your pace
time cant erase
what these weeks
have meant
these crazy times
we’ve spent
full of passion
they will come back to us
when you come back to me
a woman anew
as radiant as you
que jamais je n’ai perdu.

La Boheme
tried to be a player
and just lay her
but only one day later
the emptiness was greater
her picture in my wallet
her number wish i could call it
it's out of service
i was never nervous
as she felt
reaching for my belt
that first night
our heads were light
from all the smoke and drink
we never stopped to think
that we were real
and the way we feel
is deeper than nightlife
you could have been my wife
and gotten a green card
it sounds dumb but it's damn hard
to resist
having you kissed
this body up and down
cavorting all over town
at all hours
under rain showers
you from the city of light
and i from the city of might
it never sleeps
and when we're together
neither do we
so it never matters whether
you are away from me
i am in your thoughts
you the french maiden i sought
la boheme
comme une poeme
you flow with your verse
so beautiful
and perverse
i could never rehearse
for a reading of you
and your mediterranean hue
i went with the way
awaiting our next day
with the right words to say
one ocean away
your eyes radiate the skies
for you are la boheme, l'amour's prize
towards your magnetic spirit i am drawn
your allure has me awaiting a new dawn
where i can again be oh so free
only us together, you and me.

does anyone care anymore
when the nation goes to war
and kids still cant read?
but live a life of need
snorting coke and speed
living for money and greed?

Stealing Soho Grand
soho on a sunday
night fallen
whispers remiss
waiting for the right moment
we finally kiss
running through modern
hotel rooms and halls
the night before I rolled
the morning after I fall
into sweet sleep
with you by my side
biting my lip
behind no words could I hide
for we are alike
in more ways than one
you the first daughter
and I the first son
separated by a thousand miles
we joined together
in kisses and smiles
until the morninig
you missed your flight
and said you’d be
back by friday night
and whilst I do
deeply hope you might
I fear that while your’e gone
I’ve found a true light

she picks up pen and pad to write
oh the look she had at midnight
so inspired
I was tired
but she had me going
hoping my feelings didn’t start showing
minutes were flowing
like the PATH
to the big city
2am mondays
I’d spend
without end
alive in your gaze
for time hath no consquence
when the feeling is right
now I’m the one
sitting down to write
inspired by you
whose heart’s so true
I re-emerged
gave into my urge
to let my prose
do my speaking
because you got me freaking
out and about
how amazing beauty can be
much further than than mine eyes can see
sitting but half a foot away from me
oh this dreamlike reality
where my nights
take flight
into passion
and affection
all of which I direct
towards your direction
in my little book of love & reflection.
you can play the part
of keeper of my heart
no audition is required
you’re hired
so inspired
set my damn heart on fire

The Birds Stopped Singing
the birds stopped singing
blasts were ringing
throughout night air
a lot of people had no care
they got paid
and sometimes laid
so all was good
in the white man’s hood
until one day fine & dandy
along came a man of skin sandy
who couldn’t stop talking
from block to block walking
with a pipe dream
sewed into the inside seam
of Italian jeans
he says what he means
and what he means to say
is that there is no fucking way
this shit can go on any longer
the will of the people can only be stronger
when you’ve taken lady liberty and wronged her.

the birds stopped singing
the pain was stinging
the whole world of reason
that warm & cold season
suppressed by men of treason
saying nothing on television
leaders of the new division
in the body politik
the media made many sick
and dinner was spent with the simpsons
OJ, bart, lisa, homer and marge,
whilst a man afraid of the camera was in charge
leaving martin sheen to play the role
of puppet in the old house that he stole
yet many cowered
in our darkest hour
to let peace overcome
the evil in some
and so revenge took hold
lots of flags were sold
and half of the tax
went to fund attacks
deploying our poor
to kill the even more poor
until the news channels were bored
and covered up all discord
and focused on pretty white girls instead
who were missing and presumed dead
no more pundits and generals
talking about how to get minerals
and resources fastest from the ground
and what international laws by which we’re not bound

the birds stopped singing
he started drinking
and stopped thinking
there was anything
he could fucking do
who’s going to take over,
fucking you???
b/c it wont be fucking me
I’m just hoping to be fucking she
and maybe her friends
when days reach their ends
and hope my be lost
its alright to have paid the cost
of sharing love
and the guidance from above
open your heart
and the world will start
to open its warmest heart to you
with all its goddesses fair and true.

Saturday in Spring
saturday in spring
birds were out to sing
and street fairs surrounded
the park confounded
while bags of yo
are copped on the low
by the chess tables
my life is a fable
full of nights of hookah haze
and spontaneous days
where fate brings me to astor place
to stumble upon your radiant face
trying to kick some conversation
before the minute of our separation
when I know not when we will next meet
I just want to take you out to eat
but you are too free as am me
and maybe chance is the only way we’ll see
if we make a perfect match
but I’ve become so attached
to your ways
and your gaze
won’t you find me out on the street another one of these days?

Take Five Revisited
I used to take five
on 103rd street
the greek goddess
I envisioned
through my blurred vision
was the stuff of my poems
I’d visit her homes
and spend hours to roam
about her body and soul
her mind and spirit
I had to hear it
one last time
take five
more minutes of my time
inspired to write her five more rhymes
until the jazz was gone
and she moved on
so I could
take five
more years to realize
the passion in her eyes

so who’d surmise
that my eyes
would stumble
upon a persian princess
in a georgia peach dress
whilst my mind was a mess
when suddenly it became clear
when she came so damn near
the fate sisters called my name
and she called the theme song
to my nights sleepless & long
I still take five
take a deep breath
and live to love to be alive
amidst the radiance
of her traditional dance
she became the new
object of my romance
object of my desire
setting my heart afire
there was no choir
during the prayer
I couldn’t help but stare
at my destiny in her face
where i could take five
and take her to space
at her place
my passion
for her fashion
could take five
with me anywhere
upon her braided locks of
black silk hair
she knew take five
& I knew it would take five
hundred days and nights
of Persian prose
to capture the heart of this rose
a peach in southern spring
glistens while I sing
melodies of st. thomas
but even sonny the sax colossus
could not help me process
how to sing her a song
after but one day
three blocks away
I long
to write lyric for the
most beautiful tune
a most beautiful woman
smiling on sunny days of june
I’d bring her bouquets
on random days
and on nights
I’d whisper to her sweet
nothings about her ways
and her gaze
that makes me complete
when she stands out among
the other maids
I want to take her under the shade
of trees in central park
to converse
about the universe
and all the verse that I’d write her
in between
fashion represented by mao
and wedding vows
I take five lives
and keep four
to show you how
much a real man can feel
when his heart is pure
and his soul is real

Leaving Las Vegas
leaving las vegas
never felt so good
losing money
during sunny
the green for the money
the gold for the honey
I shiver
leaving las vegas
looking back on the strip
sunday nights
full of glimmering neon lights
and empty pockets
I tried to tap into bellagio’s profits
and ended up with one last chance
in mccarran
l wanted to lapdance with Karen
and Diana
but ended up at the hard rock pool
and just like everyone else here
I plays the fool
plotting to rob steve wynn’s jewels
the neon lights
the booze
the buffets
the cons
the tables
the riches
the bitches
the pros
the pose
she does on that pole
made all the bachelors lose control
into the daylight
of unforgettable nights
tenpence none the richer
I get the picture
while the wheel of fortune
spins in terminal A
my body might make it through
this month of may
though on this 11th day
I need to play
a few more turns
and get burned
before I learn my lesson
leaving las vegas
will lessen
my bank and body
but enliven my spirit
the jackpot
I’m near it
the truth
about the skybooth
and bottle service
was I
of no cares
to chain me down
with so much
to keep me around
while I clinged to the desert ground
gave in
to a city of sin
and then begin
a life anew
returning to the life
you already knew
so I’m
leaving las vegas
financially scarred
emotionally uplifted
knowing full house well
the game
the game
my game
just shifted

It's Desire
its desire
that like a smoldering fire
burns deep within
my heart
of Icelandic visions
and Persian traditions
I wished to shatter the divisions
that kept us apart
its desire
that like a smoldering fire
burns deep within
my heart
unraveled & unfurled
I don’t want this world
I don’t want to stay
I don’t want to go
I don’t want to know
what they already know
about the ways that desire
makes the suffering fire
burn greater
10 years later
still lost in the clouds
the sounds were loud
and the songs were light
lying awake dreaming of you that night

Ain’t Got No
ain’t got no money
ain’t got no love
what to do when all your friends are gone?
writing songs
on the great lawn
under the clouds and starry night
baritones boom with might
philharmonic harmonics
echo while
wooden planks shudder
cyclones are landmarks
by food fried in butter
and when the eyes shutter
and blink for two seconds
the moment is reckoned
in recollection
a selection
of faces and stories
twelve stories
above the ground
the street sounds
and drowned
by the bridges over oceans yonder
an alphabet of streets I wander
in hot pursuit
of fast loot
and a girl that’s cute
with no flute
this piper
pied words like a sniper
in many directions
his affections
through erections
manifest the overwhelming desires in his chest
pumping in the valves of his heart
playing a small part
in a cast of millions
fulfilling yins
and yangs
with pangs of pleasure
and moments of pain
everything to gain
when you
ain’t got no money
ain’t got no love
what to do when all your soul is gone?

In the City
a city of overstimulation & instant gratification
everyman’s pontification
will come at the hands of consumer saturation
in the information nation
we try sedation
for our elation
why not meditation?

The Blackout of 03
blackout during the blackout
threw my back out
by candlelight
making love during the steamy night
when darkness surrounded us
the only sounds of the bus
and primal screams
it was all a dream
for thirty hours
when new york city
lost its power
its majestic skyline disappeared
and many feared
the worst
when night fell
the tension might burst
into bonfires of trash
in tompkins square
we were all there
in day for night
hoping we’d all soon see the light

Manic Monday
manic monday
en route to the doc
just got clocked
yellow stripes go by
as my body goes fly
next thing I know
it’s all like a show
people surround
blocked out city sounds
a fireman & nurse
tend to me first
my head did not burst
but my mind was perturbed
as I sat on the curb
awaiting an ambulance
glad this wasn’t my last dance
September eighth
restored my faith
in the people that stand nigh
and the spirits upon high

Dear Father
my dear father
though at times I don’t bother
to let you know how I feel
you’ve taught me to be a man
full of action and emotion
and above all to be real.

Queen of My City
as queen of my city
cha cha reigns
though words get lost in translation
as I try to explain
she knows my feelings
and together we are stealing
moments away from pain
and giving them all to pleasure
there is no unit of measure
that can tell you
how passionate it feels
when I fell through
the hours of the night
on the corner of 47th street
you were the bright light
which I would fatefully meet
that joyous sight
that would greet
my mornings
for but a week
and now in mourning
I sit here alone & weak
trying to pretend
that our love will not end
that I will cross oceans
for your devotions
to be inside
and beside
your profile
your smile
we stroll on Parisian nights
in the city of lights
we tear at the seams
in the city of big dreams
we spoke the only true language
as love reigned
with me as its king & you as its queen
you still remained
within my body and between
my soul
comme une fleur
ma sacre Coeur

behind those hazel eyes
intense desire
a bubbling fire
behind those hazel eyes
I linger on
trying to put my finger on
the day when like a whirlwind

near me
hear me

le pasee est le pasee
et le future est le future
j’adore ta couture
comme une nouveau fleur…

We’ll Always Have Paris
I left my heart in paris
j’ai perdu ma couer dans paris
avec mon cherie
l’anee est tres bonne
est la vie est nouvelle
quand je vais a la Sorbonne
en cherche d’elle

je t’aime paris
ton lumieres et ta femmes
après tes nuits
ma vie n’est pas le meme

de la rive gauche
a le quartier latin
avec une verre du vin rouge
je t’aime das la nuit, le jour et le matin

je veux
ta rues
dans ma vie
comme une reve
a quelque arrondissement
sous le ciel exactemente

j’ai recontre une femme
une beaute comme une poeme
que touché a ma couer
sa corps comme une fleur
sa visage comme la lune
que me sente plus jeune
et les etoiles comme ses yeux
toujours reves de vous…

I can’t get enough of flying
I can’t get enough of your love
songs I’m listening and trying
to understand like the clouds I am above
seas of white pillows, skies, sex and sun
these French pop song verses
I do not write for just anyone
but the remedies for my heart
my night nurses
with their ways of healing
I am increasingly feeling
that it’s you I’m missing
when it’s not you I’m kissing
hovering over mountains and oceans
covering up my fountains of emotions
still flowing in the coldness of night
glowing in the warmth of the sight
of my naughty angel ascending from the metro train
letting down her golden hair like the morning rain
come to wash away all my untold pain
all the hidden tears
from twenty some odd years
of commitment fears
being the backseat driver
in the car of love
stoned out of my mind
you serve me to remind
that we are both one of a kind
and as unique as we both may be
I still seek you
and you still seek me
so let not country
nor continent nor ocean
tear us apart
for this new year
shall be the year
of our one heart

Homeward Bound
homesick for places I’ve found
on my many travels
my persona unravels
yearns eagerly to stay
but for a few years after
only but a few days

in my lap
and in my arms
I am completely smitten
by your charms

Fish in the Sea
i’m feeling mixed emotions
about ladies from across the oceans
and others i see crossing the street
everyday a new fish to meet
so many in the sea
too many decisions for me
to not make
i don’t fake
my feelings
i’m just stealing
a few moments of pleasure
swimming & searching for treasure
not yet found nor yet lost
at great cost
by any means
so many scenes
of this life in water
just to be with your daughter
feeling so good inside
in each other we confide
when we ride waves
for it is love that saves
every fish’s day
living to please,
wanting to stay,
dreams of foreign seas
far away
for one moment to seize
this day
your present
is present
and your future
has yet to arrive
how do we survive
waiting for the right current
& overwhelmed
with a drunk captain at the helm,
lost at sea
is where you’ll find me
sleeping with the fishes
fulfilling our wishes
all wet & delicious

she’s a hellcat
see the fire in her eyes
it came as no surprise
she had black and blues
bruise on her inner thighs
she’s only twenty
and she’s seen more than you
she’s out to prove it’s true
but if she could just get control
you’d see the brighter soul
that exists
when she’s kissed
the right way
by the right gay
like a cookie she crumbled
in pleasure she mumbled
she was too drunk to feel
when she was younger, she’d steal
few moments of attention
she doesn’t want your affection
in text messages from Omaha
she complains about the greyhounds
they’re not the same
I miss you..them….
but its 3am
too late
to recreate
two weeks ago
she came and she passed
she gave up the ass
and so went on the show…….

Hollywood Hustle
TV shows & blow
parties in the hills
got me feelin' ill
lying in the sun on a monday afternoon
days & nights come & go way too soon
i found me a night nurse
to administer my pill...
from within an LV purse
we roll for a thrill
and take rides
along the west sides
of her body that's callin'
me out & putting me on the spot
having me explain why i think she's hot
like her piercing eyes of hazel
and the candy she got for my nasal
nights became days
amidst the morning haze
everyday was like the last
running mazes through my past
clinging to her with my future
even though it was fake
we were on the make
and i just wanted to take
a few moments…

There are People
there are people who live their lives without honor
and yet we're expected to call them your honor

There are isolated incidents
and sometimes coincidence
in the matters and ways
of years and days
and plays and speaking
while people are freaking
because fear is what makes them
hate queers
drink beers
fuck and fight
in parking lots at night

Everybody Ain’t Somebody
Everybody thinks I’ll be somebody
but I ain’t nobody
Until I’m gone…

Le Marriage
Upon mountains high,
Where the sun meets the sky,
There is a love divine,
A splendor that is yours and mine.

As oceans part,
and joined are your hearts,
a life anew awaits,
together as life mates.

As valleys rolling roam,
You make a new home,
Give in to your love,
Shine like stars above,

There is a beauty unforeseen
That only star-crossed lovers know
Love, the most beautiful tune
From January to June

One Weak

it's only been one week
and i'm already weak
thinking about who
and what you're doing
while i'm still pursuing
a life of leisure
doing anything to please her
however you want it
take my love and flaunt it
and i'll give you more
if you we keep playing (be)fore
i'll skip flights
after intoxicating nights
and through autumn days
if you ask me to stay
i would never walk away
becuase it's only been one week
and i'm already weak

when i dare to speak
things that hath not been spoken
which would make you the token
woman to feel my thoughts
and for all that i've sought
without your money,
you've got me bought

its killing me inside
when i'm inside
and waiting outside
for you
and your attention
with an erection
i took upon reflection
of where following you leads
from gramercy to leeds
her majesty
the princess and the pea
sees something in me
as i do her
if only she'd come off her throne
and answer her phone
i'd tell her about my emotions
while flying over oceans
dreaming of massaging lotions
all over your body
day after day lying in your bed
where i rest my intoxicated head
and begin to lose control
becoming attached to your soul

and even though i try to pretend
that i'm cooler than that
and this all will soon end
you read me like a book
when i gave you that look
i was instantly hooked
on your sexy demeanor
so i want you to get cleaner
and save you from yourself
so i can save me from myself
and we can save animals together
as birds of a feather
talk philosophy
turn the lights off
and read each others' signs
a bull and a ram doing lines
and making love numerous times...

your lipstick is gone
from my mirror
its none the more clearer
the whirlwiind
that passed me by
we were just too high
to really say goodbye

your sensual scent
came and it went
i was spent
and frustrated
feeling overrated
getting you laid
you had me played
as i fell into your trap
now i just hope i didnt get the clap

Lay Day
i was living
day to day
from lay to lay
i was giving
everything i could
when i really should
have been up to other things
like what her life brings
me when I'm just
be when I must
tryin to run my game
sometimes i forgot their names
others i almost forgot completely
and a few still i wanted to complete me....

so many fuckin' girls
so many fuckin' faces
so many fuckin' places
tryin' to fuck a girl from all different races...

green tea mornings
coughing and yawning
do you feel anguish?
right here we languish
listfully away
as the day
and the night
become one
it's supposed to be fun
but somehow
the emptiness remains
it was all the same
with different names
and different songs
about how we get along
and how lonely we are
doing it over and over again
games with geminis
and all sorts of lies
it's easier that way
when you go away
don't look back
dance all night
fuck and fight
awake and text
after the sex
the bitter taste remains
so you refrain
from saying her name
you leave in the dark
you leave your mark
but all that you know
is not easy to forget
the days they pass
without any regret
and memory forgotten
about how you got in
got lost
got found
in the sweet sound
of surrender
that you can't remember
on warm days in december
it's all just whatever
the ties you sever
and leave behind
do nothing to remind
of the nights
when the lights
go off
you get off
and go away
by midday
pass out
right here you languish
do you feel anguish?

somehow when i ride trains
i cannot hide the pains
of my loneliness
dreaming of her soft summer dress
her warm winter caress
left my mind in a momentary mess
of memories
written in a variety of verses
for all of the night nurses
who helped me heal
so that i could feel
for a few fleeting fantasies
of what love’s like
so that i wouldn’t stay
and then throw it all away
without trying to explain
why i’ll be riding that westbound train

Looking for Meaning
i’m looking for some meaning
between her precious open legs
wanting to wake up every morning
to her smiling with a brunch of eggs

of this life I’ve had my fill
all kinds of women
all kinds of thrill
i’ve come to question my will
as my weaknesses consume
while my future patiently looms

i’ve become weary
of the things that used to please me
the women that used to tease me
no longer appeal
i no longer feel
the way it used to be
so naïve and bold
all I have are stories to be told
but the meaning i seek
every day and every week
i can only find when i find her
and of looking for that
i’ve become weary

Howl 2.0
i’ve seen the brightest minds
of my so-called generation
go stark raving mad
on prozac, caffeine and pills
looking for extreme thrills
as if life weren’t enough
we didn’t have it as tough
as the generation before
building this world
and fighting through war
yet as post-modern consumers
we though ourselves more free
to flaunt what we didn’t have
for 15 minutes on TV
and when those moments arose
of our darkest hour
we retreated to the apple store
with our iphones and cowered
it makes me want to howl
scream at the top of my lungs
break off the rungs
of the ladder
but it does no good
just getting madder
so i take to the word
the letter and pen
attached to a bird
to spread it to all men
howl if you can
howl if you will
howl if you ran
howl if you kill

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